See Megan Fox Strip Down To Sheer Black Lingerie In Big Gold Brick Trailer

By Faith McKay | 1 min ago

megan fox

Megan Fox is working on a career comeback. She’s been in a few movies recently. A trailer for her new project just dropped, and while she’s a side character, she’s a memorable part of the cast. Big Gold Brick stars Andy Garcia and Emory Cohen. They’re joined by Lucy Hale and Oscar Isaac in a story about a young writer hired on to write the biography of an eccentric man (Andy Garcia). The writer comes to visit the man’s home where he meets his family, including his much younger second wife, played by Megan Fox. The trailer only shows Fox a couple of times, but it’s only a few seconds in when the actress strips off her robe and reveals sheer lingerie underneath.

You can see Megan Fox in the Big Gold Brick trailer below.

It appears that much of the story is happening within the writer’s own mind. The moment where Megan Fox’s character strips down happens in the room with the same wallpaper as the writer’s bedroom. It’s a fair guess that the moment may actually be happening within the writer’s own mind. In other shots of Megan Fox with other characters, she is shown wearing clothes that cover her fully. (See the 0:34 timestamp in the trailer for an example.) And the moment where she’s strewn across the writer’s bed in lingerie (1:20 timestamp) is with just her and the writer.

While Megan Fox was certainly something that YouTube commenters centered in on in the Big Gold Brick trailer, Oscar Isaac also worked to make his character memorable. It’s hard to say who he’s playing though. His character’s name is Anslem. At the 1:28 timestamp, he tells Andy Garcia that he’s been looking for him, speaking with an accent that’s hard to place. His glasses, with one eye fogged out, make him stand out as something different.

oscar isaac big gold brick

Big Gold Brick is said to be something that bends genre. It promises to be a dark comedy, but it’s unclear from the trailer and early descriptions how much of the story is happening within the writer’s mind and how much is real. That may be one of the surprises the audience is meant to parse out while watching. The movie was written and directed by Brian Pestos, who has only directed shorts before now. The Megan Fox movie is expected to release in 2022. It began production in early 2019, so it’s had a long wait for the release.

These days, Megan Fox has been pushing forward with her acting career. In October 2021, she released Night Teeth on Netflix. The movie did well on the streaming service and saw Fox playing a vampire. She also released Midnight In The Switchback, a movie she made with Bruce Willis. While these films weren’t blockbusters, she gives off the sense that she is just warming up and she reemerges in Hollywood. One of her most recent announcements was Taurus, a music film she is making with her current boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly.