Megan Fox Making A TV Series From One Of Her Movies?

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

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Megan Fox is back on the scene, making movies and doing interviews. So far, those films have been relatively small news, but she has a lot more ideas of what she wants to be doing in the future. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, the actress shared a lot about what’s been on her mind about her relationships, where she’s at currently in her life, and her current focus on her career. Moving forward, she feels that she is in better alignment with who she is as an actress and the projects she wants to create. One such project actually takes her way back to a release from 2009. A box office and critical failure at the time, Jennifer’s Body has a cult following today. It often comes up as an example of what feminist horror movies can be. And now, Megan Fox thinks it could make a great television series.

“I don’t think it’s a hard movie to make a sequel to,” said Megan Fox. “I mean, they should make it into a TV series. That would be cool.” It may sound strange to suggest making a television series around a box office flop that was hated by critics, but thanks to streaming services it’s a lot more likely today than it would have been in the past.

Jennifer’s Body was written by Diablo Cody, directed by Karyn Kusama, and starred Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. Critics reviewed the movie at the time saying that it wasn’t funny enough to be a comedy and not scary enough to be a horror. The story centered on Jennifer, who had been possessed by a demon and got a taste for human flesh. Specifically, she enjoyed consuming cute teenage boys. Her best friend, Anita, tried to stop her.

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It’s eventually revealed that Megan Fox came to be possessed by a demon because some boys decided to sacrifice her to Satan so they could become rich and famous. Except, she was supposed to be a virgin sacrifice, and she was not. The boys laugh at her pain while they’re sacrificing her, going so far as to sing and dance. Instead of getting what they wanted, Jennifer comes to be possessed. Then, she gradually takes to eating them. The story was a satire of horror tropes with sacrificed women and is now considered a cult hit.

In 2020, Megan Fox spoke to Collider about Jennifer’s Body finally gaining recognition and what went wrong for the 2009 release. The actress blames the marketing. At the time, the movie wasn’t marketed as a feminist horror movie. Instead, it looked like a movie to show off Fox’s sex appeal. Writer Diablo Cody spoke in 2018 about how the marketing team decided to target teenage boys who wanted to see Fox look pretty. Cody argued that it would appeal to a female audience, too, but they didn’t listen to her. They marketed the movie as a sex fantasy for straight men, when it was a revenge fantasy for women. The audience expectation was way off, and that made for a confusing viewing experience.

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Megan Fox said she couldn’t believe how the studio went about marketing the film. In the end, she said, “It just wasn’t time. It was a decade ahead of its time, and it took this long for culture to catch up.”

Megan Fox may be right that it was ahead of its time, since it has now gained a new audience. Would it make a great television series, though? It would have been interesting to hear her elaborate on how she envisioned Jennifer’s Body structured as a show. Does she picture something like Santa Clarita Diet where Drew Barrymore is a realtor who goes around eating people, but in this case, men? Would it still be a high school story? (And would someone else then play Jennifer?) There’s plenty of material here to make something strange. It’ll be interesting to see if others involved in the original movie, like writer Diablo Cody, decide to jump on board and making something happen now that Jennifer’s Body has found its audience.