See Megan Fox In A Cutout Corset And Tight Pants In Latest Post

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

megan fox

Like all celebrities of the 21st century, Megan Fox is an expert at social media. While Dwayne Johnson might hook in followers with his relentless positives and hilariously gigantic protein meals and Ryan Reynolds makes fun of his wife in a way that is hopefully healthy, Fox knows what her audiences want. And in this case, we did not even know that we wanted Fox in skin-tight pants and a cutout corset, but here we are. The picture posted by Fox on Instagram has the Jennifer’s Body star walking to camera with a tilted head and a faraway look in her eyes, her tangled long black hair held back with a wide patterned headband. Moving down her cutout corset is a geometric marvel of body-hugging black fabric leading into halterneck straps in plaid, which all leads down to a thin leather belt across her exposed stomach. Then, there’s the pants. Both her very tight pants and her floating sleeves are in a darkly hued paisley-like pattern. As Megan Fox’s caption says: “Everybody’s grandma had that one sofa…” followed by a swipe to a 1970s sofa in a very dated rec room. Check out the picture here: 

Megan Fox has a tendency to wicked captions on her Instagram post, like this one here. In this particular image of herself in a halterneck mesh top and a messy center part, she offered her services to legendary British pop group The Spice Girls as “BDSM Spice.” And in this fetching, lowcut leopard print dress, she implored her followers to not pay attention to her chipped fingernail polish and just pay attention to what’s working (which is everything). There is never a dull moment or post when it comes to Megan Fox’s Instagram. Even when she sometimes just cuts to the chase and gets everyone’s attention: 

The star of Jonah Hex has recently come to even more media attention as the partner and fiance of pop-punk musician/rapper/guest host of MTV’s Catfish Machine Gun Kelly. Recently, the musician appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to reveal his secret hope to get world-conquering Korean boy band group BTS to play at his and Fox’s wedding. While that seems like it might be just a little out of reach (for anyone, no shade to MGK and Megan Fox), he also revealed that N’Sync would be his second choice. If all else fails, Joey Fatone Cameo prices seem very reasonable. Just a thought, MGK. 

Megan Fox is set to appear in a slew of upcoming films, including The Expendables 4. While it is not Fox’s first gritty action movie (2020’s Rogue comes to mind), it is a big step forward in a franchise dominated by legends like Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, and Jason Statham. She also recently appeared in the critically panned Big Gold Brick alongside Andy Garcia, Lucy Hale, and Oscar Isaac in an eyepatch (which is a clear sign of quality, no matter what anyone says). But before any new films come out, we’re sure to get some thrilling new pictures from Megan Fox. And we thank her for it.