See Megan Fox As A Scantily Clad Crime Boss In Bonnie & Clyde Reboot

By Michileen Martin | 2 months ago

megan fox

Last year Megan Fox made what pretty much amounted to a cameo in the Netflix vampire flick Night Teeth. In one of her next projects, the woman who’s quickly becoming a pop culture icon is once more playing a character in a dark leadership role. The main difference is that while it sounds like her character will be out for blood, this time she probably won’t be drinking it. Fox is playing a crime boss in the upcoming Johnny & Clyde, and today we have a first look at the actress in the new role.

Fox’s involvement in the crime thriller update of Bonnie & Clyde was first announced last September. Now Deadline is providing a lot more information on the upcoming crime thriller, including a first look at Megan Fox as Alana — a crime boss who operates out of a casino the titular duo has targeted. You can see Fox assuming the role in the image below.

megan fox

Gunning for the dough under the watchful eye of Megan Fox and her employees are the prolific thieves and serial killers Johnny played by Avan Jogia (Zombieland: Double Tap) and Clyde played by Ajani Russell (Betty). The film is directed by Tom DeNucci (Vault), and co-written by DeNucci and Nick Principe. Tyson Ritter (Preacher) joins the cast as a character named Vince. The lead cast is joined by Bai Ling (Southland Tales), Vanessa Angel (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shot), Armen Garo (The Wolf of Wall Street), Robert LaSardo (Death Race), Armen Garo (The Departed), Sean Ringgold (Uncut Gems), Brett Azar (Young Rock), Sydney Jenkins (CODA), and Charles W. Harris III (Creed II).

Deadline reports that Redbox Entertainment has picked up North American distribution rights to the Megan Fox flick. Johnny & Clyde is set for a theatrical run some time later this year. The same day the film hits theaters, Johnny & Clyde will be available in Redbox kiosks as well as video on demand.

This year hasn’t started out that great for Megan Fox when it comes to movies. Her dark comedy Big Gold Brick premiered at the end of February. In spite of including the amazing talents of Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight) and Andy Garcia (Ocean’s Eleven), the film was eviscerated by critics. Big Gold Brick was stuck with an embarrassing 19% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes — though it would be unfair to not note that considering the audience score of 84%, it’s clearly one of those films where reviewers and the average moviegoer part ways.

But the year isn’t over. Megan Fox is still set to appear alongside her fiancee Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly in Good Mourning with a U. The film represents the theatrical co-directing and co-writing debuts of both Baker and rapper Mod Sun. They will be joined in the film by Pete Davidson (The King of Staten Island) Dove Cameron (Descendants), Whitney Cummings (Made of Honor), Zach Villa (Destroyer), and Jenna Boyd (The Missing). According to Nylon, the film will be a stoner comedy.