The Mega Man Movie Is Back On

By Ross Bonaime | 4 months ago

Mega Man movie

Back in 2018, Capcom and 20th Century Fox announced they were working on a Mega Man movie, finally bringing the iconic video game character to the big screen. The project has been relatively quiet for the last few years, likely due to Fox being absorbed by Disney, even though the creative team has insisted the film is still in the works. With a new production team behind the Mega Man movie, a new rumor suggests that the film could be going into production soon.

The rumor comes from Daniel Richtman, who posted on his Patreon site that a recent production slate shows that the Mega Man movie is back on track. The Mega Man movie is now being produced by Chernin Entertainment, who previously worked with Fox on such projects as Ford v Ferrari, The Greatest Showman, and most recently, 2020’s Underwater

Last year, co-writer of the Mega Man movie, Mattson Tomlin, talked with Polygon about the film. Tomlin mentioned that the Mega Man movie will be “universal and primal and emotional” as well as a film that “everybody can kind of relate to.” Tomlin also says that the film isn’t specifically for kids, but it’s also not an R-rated movie either. This Mega Man movie is also co-written by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who also wrote and directed Catfish, Nerve, and the Netflix original, Project Power. Tomlin also recently worked with this duo on Project Power as well.

Mega Man Movie

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman already have a strong relationship with Netflix after the success of Project Power, and considering Chernin is also working with Netflix on their upcoming Fear Street series of films, it seems likely this Mega Man movie will be coming to the streaming service. Capcom has recently been very active in trying to turn many of its properties into films and television shows, and Netflix has been Capcom’s partner in many of these endeavors thus far.

Netflix has already announced they are working with Capcom to make a Devil May Cry anime, and Netflix has multiple Resident Evil projects on the way, including a film reboot, an animated series, and a television series. Outside of Netflix, Capcom also released the movie Monster Hunter, starring Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich, and Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson. But considering the strong connections that Joost, Schulman, and Chernin, and Capcom all have with Netflix, it seems extremely likely that this Mega Man film would come directly to Netflix.

The Mega Man franchise has a rich, massive history that could easily lend itself to an entire series of films. The franchise began in 1987 with the first Mega Man game, and since, Mega Man has become one of the most famous video game characters in the world, with multiple game series over the last five decades. As far as Capcom’s properties go, Mega Man is probably the most famous character to not receive his own movie. If this new rumor is to be believed, it might not be too long before we get to finally watch a Mega Man movie.