Matthew McConaughey And Woody Harrelson Are Reuniting To Play Themselves?

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are set to reunite in an Apple TV+ series about the two living together on a Texas ranch, and they're playing themselves on the show.

By Mark McKee | Updated

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Two of the most famous Texans today are teaming up to bring Apple TV+ a new series that will not only star two Hollywood stars but will be a reality series about them. Woody Harrelson (White Men Can’t Jump) and Matthew McConaughey (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) have been long-time collaborators and good friends for many years, and according to IndieWire, they are teaming up for the first time in eight years for an unnamed property for Apple TV+ that will see their entire families living on the same ranch in their home state of Texas. 

According to the report, the series will star the two Hollywood legends as fictionalized versions of themselves, including their families getting in on the fun. It is meant to put the actors’ friendship to the test and will be done so with our viewing pleasure in mind, like any good scripted or reality show. The Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey project comes from David West Read, who has already found success on Apple TV+ with his series, The Big Door Prize

The two have worked together multiple times, reaching as far back as EDTv in 1999, which followed a video store clerk who agreed to have his whole life filmed live for a TV series, The Truman Show-style. The pair appeared together again in 2008 in Surfer Dude, where Woody Harrelson played friend to McConaughey, a soul-searching surfer experiencing an existential crisis. And finally, they filmed their most popular collaboration in 2014 when they anchored the first season of the anthology series, True Detective with Alexandra Daddario, which focused on two Louisiana State Troopers rehashing cold cases from the past. 

Woody Harrelson has had some negative press lately as he delivered an opening monologue, in traditional host duties, on Saturday Night Live that criticized the COVID-19 vaccine and the government’s urging to take it. The performance was seen as anti-vax rhetoric and saw some backlash from fans and politicians alike. He is also starring in Champions, a film about a professional basketball coach ordered by the court to coach a team of special needs players attempting to make it to the Special Olympics. 

Matthew McConaughey is also receiving some backlash as he is teaming up with Salesforce to be their creative advisor and TV pitchman for a cool $10 million. That wouldn’t typically garner that much notice, except the 70,000-employee company just laid off over ten percent of their workforce, begging the question of why the $10 million wasn’t spent on retaining the workers. 

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey don’t have much to worry about as they are still two of the most beloved actors of this generation, both seeing plenty of accolades. With Harrelson bringing his three Oscar nominations and McConaughey adding his Oscar win to the mix, Apple TV+ is set for a hit. The two Texas-born buddies are bringing their friendship to the screen for all of us to laugh and most likely experience some wholesome moments.