Matthew McConaughey Wants Fans To Live Like Him With New Ranch Experience

Matthew McConaughey is offering fans a relaxing stay at Walden Retreats.

By Joshua Jones | Published

Oscar-winning actor and native Texan Matthew McConaughey is inviting people to experience life on the ranch while staying in Texas Hill County. As noted in PEOPLE, McConaughey’s award-winning bourbon, Longbranch, is linking arms with Walden Retreats to offer fans an “immersive bourbon-infused experience on the outskirts of Austin.” During his interview with PEOPLE, the actor explained why he felt the need to give customers a taste of the Texas lifestyle and how it has helped him during difficult times.

“I know how much that’s done for my own health, mentally, spiritually and physically in my own life,” he says of being outside in Texas. “It’s hard to find that time these days in the world, in the lives we live. So if you can combine a luxury experience, plus an open invitation to get outdoors, or go take a walk in the middle of the night, or whatever it’s going to be, that’s a true five-star experience in my mind.”

Matthew McConaughey said his love for the outdoors goes back to his childhood when he enjoyed sleeping in his backyard inside a tent. The serene experience McConaughey describes is hardly experienced in today’s loud social media landscape and one that many probably longed for.

Guests 21 and older can book a Longbranch Ranch package by visiting Over the coming months, Longbranch and Walden Retreats will launch a series of Longbranch Ranch Experiences for guests to enjoy. As for what guests can experience now, Walden Retreats offers seven suites featuring 400 square foot wrap around the deck, private outdoor showers, king size beds, and more.

Additionally, Matthew McConaughey and company are offering a chance for guests to eat some of chef Randy Magallenez’s renowned dishes. The official Walden Retreats site states that menu reveals are expected to come soon, and guests can book stays for March 1, 2023.

It’s wonderful that Matthew McConaughey is giving back to his fans, who have supported his career and endeavors over the years. For the longest time, the actor was known for starring in romantic comedies, including films such as The Wedding Planner (2011), Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past (2009), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), and others. Hollywood almost typecasted the actor and prevented him from experimenting with other roles.

the lincoln lawyer bryan cranston
Matthew McConaughey and Bryan Cranston in The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

After a nearly two-year hiatus from acting, Matthew McConaughey turned his career around when he starred in the 2012 legal drama The Lincoln Lawyer. He later gained attention from award voters with his role in the coming-to-age drama Mud and officially became an Oscar-winning actor thanks to his performance in Dallas Buyers Club (2013).

With his awards clout and tremendous celebrity status in Hollywood, the native Texan has turned his attention to politics. In June 2022, Matthew McConaughey spoke at the White House briefing following the tragic Rob Elementary School shooting and expressed his opinion on gun laws in the U.S. A year prior, the actor confirmed he was considering running in the 2022 Texas gubernatorial election but later released a video on his official Twitter stating that he would not run for office.

Although Matthew McConaughey doesn’t appear to be heading for the Texas office, at least he wants to give everyone a peaceful experience in his home state. We’ll have to wait and see how many people book their spots for next year, though as winter approaches and the cold sets in, there are sure to be tons of people wanting to escape the freezing air and experience the warm Texas sun.