Matt Lauer Making A TV Comeback After NBC Firing For Rape Accusations?

Matt Lauer is banking on returning to the public eye after being fired from Today for rape allegations in 2017.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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After being fired in 2017 from Today over accusations of sexual assault from Former NBC employee Brooke Nevils, Matt Lauer may be looking to make a comeback. For the past few years, the journalist has taken a step back from the limelight to pursue a ‘new normal’ as the disgraced star called it. However, years later, he is looking to return to the public eye, even if his new career may have to look a lot different from the one he left behind. 

Despite putting distance between himself and the public in these recent years, Page Six reports that he may be thinking about making a comeback. Matt Lauer has said that he still feels the pull of his former life, stating, “I think once you’re a journalist, you always are.” While the disgraced star may be looking to make a comeback, he acknowledges that there may not be the chance to come back.

Matt Lauer was a longtime co-anchor on the popular morning show Today. He started working for NBC in 1992 and stayed with the company for over 20 years. A journalist at heart, Matt took his role on Today seriously until he was fired in 2017 over allegations of inappropriate conduct

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The complaint came from Former NBC staffer Brooke Nevils who accused Matt of raping her in her hotel room during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Matt Lauer has always affirmed that the encounter was consensual. Another former employee of NBC, who remains unnamed, also came forward alleging she had an affair with Lauer despite the clear imbalance of power between the two.

When her story came out, Brooke Nevils notes that she did not go to the police after the encounter, believing the interaction to be her fault. She continued to have sexual liaisons with Matt Lauer when the two got back to New York City. Nevils claims that after Weinstein’s scandal erupted, she knew it was time to come forward.

The incident led to Matt Lauer’s firing in 2017. Since then, the star has laid low, giving up much of his lavish lifestyle in favor of staying out of the public eye. In the years since, he has been spending more time focusing on his family which includes his three children and girlfriend, Shamin Abas.

After being fired, he sold his $7 million New York City apartment and had to give up NBC-sponsored helicopter rides to the Hamptons. Just recently, he finalized the sale of his stunning $43.99 million Sag Harbor estate. Additionally, he almost lost his $9.2 million 16,000-acre sheep and cattle farm in New Zealand over the country’s “good character” requirement for foreign landowners. 

Lately, friends of the former NBC star have allegedly been pushing him to come back Megyn Kelly-style. What that will mean for Matt Lauer is still up in the air, but we may be able to anticipate something new from him in the coming months. 

While a position on a mainstream network may be out of the picture, the star could still create his own project and do something on his own terms. A return to TV would most likely lead to a pullback from advertisers, so for Matt Lauer, something like a podcast seems to be the most likely next step.