Master Chief Takes Off More Than His Helmet In New Halo Episode

By Douglas Helm | 2 months ago

halo series master chief

Paramount’s Halo show has faced a lot of controversy for having Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) remove his helmet. But what about the rest of his suit? The most recent episode of the series titled “Emergence” showed us a lot more than just a helmet-less Master Chief, as he fully removed his Spartan armor, giving the audience some full-on butt viewing. Those who are looking for a faithful recreation of the source material are probably starting to lose all hope at this point. After all, we just got this:

master chief

Whether you were hoping to see some Master Chief butt or not, the show definitely went there. Of course, it wasn’t without reason. The scene in question shows Master Chief performing self-surgery to remove a bullet from his spine, under the guidance of his AI companion Cortana. The two have a close relationship in the games, so the series is clearly laying some groundwork for that relationship to develop.

The Halo series is now three episodes down and it doesn’t look like fans are getting any less divided. The show tells the story of Master Chief, an enhanced super-soldier, going up against an alien force known as the Covenant. The series is based on the long-running Halo franchise of games, which means that a huge fanbase was already built-in for the TV show, with expectations for the show to bring some of their favorite stories to live-action. The show is very much deviating from the source material and carving its own path. This likely won’t make much difference to newcomers, but long-time fans are split. There are those who wanted a straight-up adaptation and those that are fine with the show being something new and different.

What most fans agree on, however, is that they didn’t want Master Chief to go helmetless. At least not so soon. In the games, you never see Master Chief’s face, so many were expecting the show to take a similar route. Especially with the show following pretty closely in the footsteps of the Disney Star Wars hit, The Mandalorian. Both shows feature an armored, strong-silent type protagonist with a young ward. The Mandalorian carefully picks and chooses the moments when Mando takes off his helmet, and it seems that many were hoping for a similar tactic for Master Chief.

Regardless of whether or not fans are liking the series, they can take solace in the fact that the show isn’t canon, and doesn’t affect the storyline of the video games at all. This might make it easier for fans to relax and enjoy the Halo show as its own thing, with Master Chief’s butt and all. If you have yet to check out the series, you can take down the first three episodes on Paramount+ now. The fourth episode is scheduled to hit the platform on April 14. And if you’re liking the show, you’re in luck. It was already renewed for a second season before the first episode even aired, so there should be plenty of Master Chief, Cortana, and butts to look forward to in Halo‘s near future.