Marvel Studios Workers Boycott After Revealing Allegedly Awful Working Conditions

Disney is in trouble again, as there are a ton of workers that are talking about a Marvel boycott, as they have shared plenty of stories of poor working conditions.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Disney is finding itself in plenty of trouble lately. There had been massive walkouts in both Florida and California after the “Don’t Say Gay” bill had been legalized in Florida. This led to plenty of animators and workers on the Pixar side of things claiming that Disney had long been censoring their art and all but erasing LGTBQ content from films. Now, Marvel is being accused of having massively poor working conditions, leaving plenty of workers to boycott the company. VFX artists on Reddit have been speaking up about the workloads they face. According to the consensus of the group about the Marvel boycott, “[Marvel has the] worst VFX management out there”.

This is some troubling news considering a ton of Marvel content is done with massive amounts of VFX work. Especially when it comes to showcasing the powers of the many different heroes on the screen. According to a Reddit user by the name of Independent-Ad419, “They can never fix the look for the show before more than half the allocated time for the show is over. The artists working on Marvel shows are definitely not paid equivalent to the amount of work they put in.” One of the biggest gripes with current Marvel projects is the look of CGI. Fans might remember the outcry of how poorly She-Hulk looked in the trailers, leaving the company to attempt to redesign her just weeks before the show is meant to air on Disney+. The many complaints of the VFX workers certainly match up to unrealistic deadlines. This led to the Marvel boycott.

There are instances of accounts speaking about the poor working conditions that date back to three months ago. Plenty of VFX workers are sharing their opinions about the company, and issuing warnings to those who think working at Marvel is some grand thing. According to another user named Raistlinuk, “It took me over six months to recover from WandaVision’s crunch. It’s not worth it. Not when there’s better run projects that look just as good out there.” It seems that everyone is speaking about how poorly they are treated, and a Marvel boycott makes a ton of sense at this point. This would not be a good look for Disney. That would mean the global media giant has had two walkouts in the last six months.

The MCU is constantly bringing in plenty of money when it comes to the expansive list of films and shows they release every year. Sure, there was a bit of a lull because of the pandemic, but things seem to be trending in the right direction currently. Disney had better do something to ensure their workers stick around, otherwise, the quality of the product might dip even further. A huge Marvel boycott might also cause more delays, which would massively upset fans that have long been invested in the content provided by Marvel.

Disney and Marvel are separate in terms of what they produce, but Disney owns Marvel now. With the walkout that already happened from Pixar workers, Disney had better step in and try to make amends with their workers that are hired through Marvel, otherwise, there might be more trouble than they can handle. The mess from the original walkouts hasn’t even been fixed just yet. A Marvel boycott would certainly be much worse for Disney, as they try and juggle keeping a ton of workers happy and not wanting to enact a massive exodus.