One Of The Worst Marvel Movies Ever Could Actually Get A Sequel Thanks To Memes

By Matthew Creith | 1 month ago


The darker side of Marvel through the Sony Spider-Man Universe has seen some ups and downs with entries that have enraptured audiences, as well as those that made some cringe. While the first Venom sparked humor and intrigue with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, Jared Leto’s take on the living vampire in Morbius was one of the worst movies to come out of this side of the universe. Now, there have been talks of a Morbius 2, a sequel that would come to fruition in part because of the internet and its love of memes.

A proposed Morbius 2 would be an outrageous squeeze of tired talent and hopeful box office dollars. According to, fans of Jared Leto have been attempting to decipher what they believe is a code from the actor, as he posted a cheeky picture to Twitter. In the tweet below, the Morbius lead is flashing a “two” sign, which many think means there might be a sequel in discussion. Also, Morbius star Adria Arjona has not squashed rumors of a sequel or a continuation of her character within the SSMU, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In Morbius, Jared Leto played Dr. Michael Morbius, an egomaniac determined to achieve greatness, while being plagued with a rare blood disease that cripples his every move. It’s this disease that ended up shaping the way Dr. Morbius sees the world and clouded his judgment when he finally discovers a cure for what ails him. That cure transformed him into a living vampire, and an even darker soul than the human he once was. The film is boring, unjust, and simply not worthy of a sequel. However, the internet has its own ideas as Twitch users have started their own meme friendly approach to Morbius fandom, as well as the possibility of Morbius 2.

It’s seemingly apparent that some users have posted to Twitter about Morbius and, while making fun of the film, they have delighted in its campiness. An entire community of people have apparently come together on the internet to watch the film and talk about it, often hate-watching as a way to enjoy something that isn’t good to begin with. Similar watch parties have taken place for past films like The Room or Plan 9 from Outer Space, where fans often take pleasure in watching bad movies together. As a result of this new found cult following, Morbius 2 might actually be in the works.

At this point, Morbius is considered by critics as one of the worst Marvel movies to date. Rotten Tomatoes currently has the film listed at a 17% rating among critics on the Tomatometer. However, the same can’t be said for audience reactions, as the Audience Score on the same meter is at a 71% rating. This might be because of the newfound fandom the film has seen through memes and Twitch users, which may eventually propel Leto to secure Morbius 2 in the not so distant future.