7 Marvel Heroes Who Would Make Great Jedi

These Marvel characters would be amazing Jedi.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

With Disney owning both Marvel and Star Wars, it’s hard not to consider what would happen if the two universes collided. Specifically, it brings up the question of whether any Marvel characters would make good Jedi.

This list seeks to answer that question by demonstrating seven Marvel heroes that would be outstanding Jedi in the Star Wars universe.



In Star Wars: A New Hope, one of the ways that Obi-Wan Kenobi helped Luke Skywalker tune into the Force was by blocking his pupil’s vision, helping him tune into the very spiritual nature of the universe and intuit what is happening, and what’s going to happen. Matt Murdoch can already accomplish similar feats without having supernatural abilities, and he’s also already blind! That’s a perfect combination for being introduced into the wider world of Force sensitivity.

As a justice-seeking hero who is already a match for most foes based on his combat prowess alone, it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to stand up against him when he can use the Force to trick foes, enhance his abilities, and manipulate the world around him. 

Doctor Strange

doctor strange 2 balder

While Daredevil is a Marvel hero that has the best potential to learn the mystical abilities of the Jedi, Doctor Strange already has mystical abilities. After a very Jedi-like training session under the tutelage of the Ancient One and the other Masters of the Mystic Arts, Strange has demonstrated the ability to see beyond the veil of the material world and learn the secrets that govern the metaphysical.

Even if the Force is different from the magical powers that Doctor Strange possesses, he has proven himself to be one of the quickest-learning disciples of magic in existence, figuring out enough of the mystical arts to defeat the Destroyer of Worlds just a few months after discovering that magic is even a thing. He’d probably reach Yoda-like levels of Force mastery within a week. Maybe two, if he’s distracted by the latest world-destroying threat.

Steve Rogers

Chris Evans captain America

Combat prowess and mystical capabilities aren’t the only things that are important to being a Jedi. It’s also important to stand for and promote the ideals of truth and justice. While there are very few Marvel heroes that don’t like those ideals, there are few who promote them to as much of a Jedi-like level as Steve Rogers — aka the first Captain America.

Rogers is, by far, the most idealistic out of all the Avengers, to the point where he was willing to stand up against the Avengers to save The Winter Soldier from a grave injustice. His heart and ideals are so pure that he was even deemed worthy to wield the power of Thor in Avengers: Endgame — something none of the other Avengers were capable of doing.

Sam Wilson

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Steve Rogers is a Marvel character that’s aligned with Jedi ideals, sure, but he promoted those ideals with the benefit of the super soldier serum and (initially) with the full backing of the United States Government. After Rogers retired, Sam Wilson sought to stand for the same thing — but without superpowers, and actively working against John Walker, the actually-superpowered man who was officially considered Captain America by the United States government.

Both Rogers and Wilson stand for the same ideals. But of the two Marvel Heroes, Wilson faced the most initial opposition in his quest to uphold these Jedi-like ideals — and he came out on top. 


Tom Holland spider-man

Jedi have Force sensitivity, and Spider-Man has Spider-Sense. Jedi have Force-enhanced agility and speed, while Spider-Man has spider-enhanced agility and speed. If you ignore the telepathy and lightsabers, you could easily argue that Marvel already has a Jedi in the form of Spider-Man.

Along with having an impressive list of superpowers, Spider-Man is also one of the Marvel heroes who is idealistically aligned with the Jedi way. After the young Peter Parker learned the universally-applicable life lesson that using superpowers for selfish means will get your uncle shot, he vowed to always use his superpowers to help others, no matter the cost.


zoe saldana guardians of the galaxy 3 zoe saldana

The previous Marvel characters may have a lot in common with the Jedi, but there’s one common Jedi activity they don’t do very often: travel through space. That’s kind of Star Wars’ whole thing, but besides Dr. Strange’s and Spider-Man’s ill-fated trip to the planet Titan in Avengers: Infinity War, the aforementioned heroes have pretty much remained on Earth their entire lives. Gamora, however, is very comfortable with the idea of traveling from planet to planet to achieve a goal. 

With enough combat training under Thanos to be one of the galaxy’s most deadly warriors, and enough of a sense of justice to oppose Thanos when she first got the opportunity, Gamora has already earned a reputation for being one of the galaxy’s greatest defenders. Just give her a lightsaber and some Force abilities, and there’d be no reason she wouldn’t be right at home as a Jedi in the Star Wars universe.


thor: love and thunder marvel jedi

Most of the Marvel characters on this list would become more powerful if they were given Jedi powers. Thor wouldn’t need the power. Even if just became a Padawan after taking night courses at the local Jedi community college, he’d end up being the most dangerous Jedi in existence.

His love for the excesses of life and his headstrong attitude might not exactly be in line with the Jedi code, but it’d be hard to argue that he could fall to the dark side — because he’d have no need for the dark side. There’s not a single dark side power that Thor couldn’t easily outmatch by the simple virtue of being the God of Thunder. He can fry his foes with lightning without having to give in to his anger, and it’d probably be simpler for him to choke his foes by hand instead of using the Force. 

This is the way.

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