Marvel Disappoints Fans With Fantastic Four Announcement

Marvel fans on Twitter have exploded with disappointment over no Fantastic Four announcements today at D23.

By James Brizuela | Published

The D23 Expo in California kicked into high gear today, as there was a flood of announcements. Pixar movies, Disney animated features, Star Wars, and Marvel all had their time to shine with new movie and show announcements. While Kevin Feige got on stage to bring plenty of people out, there was one franchise noticeably missing. That was Fantastic Four, which everyone was hoping to at least hear the cast for. Instead. Feige brought up the logo and told everyone that the new movie would be part of D23 next year. Matt Shakman was announced as the film’s director, but that was already information that had been learned weeks ago. This left fans on Twitter noticeably upset.

Using Homelander to convey being upset at the lack of Fantastic Four announcements is spot on. We were all hoping to at least find out who was going to lead the team. Instead, fans were treated to Rogers the Musical.

This is a simple, yet effective way to tell Marvel and Kevin Feige that not announcing anything about Fantastic Four is upsetting. Most of Phase 5 and 6 movies have been given announcements in some form, but the F4 has been forgotten for some odd reason.

This is the rumor and question that everyone wants to be answered. It seems that Marvel has decided not to give us fans any kind of crumbs that we can eat while we wait for the Fantastic Four movie to truly take shape.

Again, another question that should be answered. Wtf is right. Kevin Feige had one job, and that was to provide everyone with a Fantastic Four update. Instead, everyone got another piece of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. That movie is going to be awesome, but we know all about it already.

The bro in this statement should be referring to Kevin Feige. We would also like to know what is going on, Bro. Fantastic Four should have been at the top of the list for announcements today. Instead, it was left there to wither. The same with the X-Men, but we won’t get into that one.

We would imagine the top Twitter user crying out like Darth Vader did when he found out that Padme was dead. That moment was truly a cinematic failure, as was Kevin Feige not giving everyone a Fantastic Four update.

It is truly a tragedy that the world is going to have to wait for a Fantastic Four update. While Kevin Feige did promise it would be part of D23 next year, he also didn’t say if we would be finding anything about the new MCU entry before that. We understand that both Disney and Marvel are busy, but the world is now disappointed in this lack of news.

For now, we will have to wait and see if any Fantastic Four news comes out in the coming months. We understand that Fantastic Four is not coming out for another two years, but most everything else got a small update at least. We hope to hear something soon, and if we do, you will all be the first to know.