Marvel Is Bringing Back One Of Daredevil’s Defenders Just To Kill Him Off?

By Doug Norrie | Published

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With the Netflix group of Marvel characters now at the disposal of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are continued questions about how/ when they’ll be used in the broader stories. We have some news along these lines around when they will make different appearances. And there have been plenty of rumors as well. The latest one from insider Daniel Richtman has it that they will bring back Finn Jones to reprise the Danny Rand/ Iron Fist character, but there’s something of a catch and he might not be around all that long. 

This latest rumor, and it’s very much just a rumor, is that Marvel would bring Finn Jones back but only to then almost immediately kill him off. They want to recast the role with a new actor. This would be a way to stop the continuity of the Netflix story arc and reset things around Iron Fist. It would mean another character taking up the mantle along the way and having Marvel with a bit more control around the new story.

It’s an odd way for Marvel to deal with the Rand character considering they aren’t obligated to bring over the Netflix characters. If there are bigger plans for Iron Fist then Marvel might have a different vision set out than was originally established. 

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While Marvel isn’t contractually obligated to bring the same actors and actresses from the Netflix Defender’s group, it would be odd to do it only halfway. We already know that Charlie Cox is heavily rumored to be reprising his Matt Murdock/ Daredevil role in the Universe. There’s been word that he could appear in the She-Hulk series in some fashion which would make a lot of sense considering the character’s legal background. That show is setting up to be a courtroom program with series lead Jessica Walters also a lawyer. 

And there’s also word out there that Jon Bernthal will be coming over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, continuing on with his Punisher character. It’s speculated that he will take part in the Moon Knight series in some way and others had speculated that he could end up facing off against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man at some point as well. Bringing over Charlie Cox and John Bernthal would definitely lend credence to the idea that the stories in the Netflix Marvel Universe were part of the greater MCU structures. 

But, of course, those two aren’t the only members of the group. There’s the aforementioned Finn Jones, but we also have Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones and Mike Colter’s Luke Cage. There’s been less news around either of these two characters, though some speculation is that they will both be returning as well. Even Vincent D’onofrio has been rumored to return as Kingpin in the upcoming Echo series.  But Jones could be seeing the short end of the casting stick if they decided to just whack him right out of the gate. 


The deal to bring the Marvel characters over from Netflix was part of a contract guideline that said the Defenders could revert back to Marvel Studios two years after Netflix decided to stop production on the different series. That timeline has now sunsetted for the whole group and they can be integrated into the larger Marvel world. It will be fascinating to see how they choose to bring them along especially considering the strong showing the group had on the streaming platform. 

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