Marvel Star Reveals New Animated Series Isn’t For Kids

By Jose Hernandez | 6 seconds ago


Marvel has always been known as the entertainment company that everyone could watch. Seemingly, a seven-year-old and a 70-year-old can watch the same movie or TV show, and they would both enjoy it. However, not every Marvel project is consumable to all ages, some are not suited for children. For example, the newest Marvel animated TV show might not be the best thing for a young fan to watch.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey is an animated show premiering on Hulu on November 17. Since it’s an animated show with the Marvel logo attached to it, it’s safe to assume many people will be curious about it. According to an actor on Hit-Monkey, one group of people that shouldn’t watch it is children. did an interview with Ally Maki, an actress that will voice a character on the animated series, and she made a statement on the topic. She describes what it was like working on the series, and what the show is about. Maki explains that Hit-Monkey is a “…dark comedy, not really intended for children.” She goes on to describe the show as “very funny”.

Maki’s character on the show will be Detective Haruka. The character is described as a newcomer to the police department, and Maki explains that she’s the only woman on the team. The main character of the show will be Hit-Monkey himself. Overall not a well-known character, this will be Hit-Monkey’s first appearance for a mainstream audience.

As the name of the character suggests, he is a monkey who’s a hitman. According to Marvel’s official bio for the character, the character used to be a normal monkey. However, this all changed when an injured assassin stumbled his way into the monkey and his clan’s habitat. As the assassin healed and started practicing martial arts, the monkey took notice and started practicing himself. Although he was happy to copy the man’s skills, the monkey was always wary of having a human assassin living with his clan. He feared that the people who injured the assassin in the first place would eventually find him.

Unfortunately for the monkey, his worst nightmare came true and people eventually found the assassin. They killed him and killed the rest of the monkey clan. The monkey, who was well-prepared with his fighting skills and a bag full of guns, took retaliation. He killed all of the intruders and set forth into the human world.

According to the Marvel bio, this is when the character became Hit-Monkey. Eventually, he would become a renowned assassin in the underground world. This would put him at odds with characters such as Deadpool and Spider-Man. With this bloody and violent origin story, it’s clear that this new animated show might not be suitable for children.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey show will feature 10 episodes, and according to Slashfilm, will be available all at once. Marvel reports that the show has a stacked cast of actors that include Ally Maki, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Munn, and George Takei. The actor voicing the titular character will be Fred Tatasciore. This show isn’t the only Marvel project coming out soon. Other upcoming Marvel projects include Doctor Strange 2 and Secret Invasion.