Marvel’s Agatha Series Changing Its Name Again?

A new set photo from the Marvel Agatha series shows an actor's chair with the name "Agatha of Westview" on it, sparking rumors of another name change.

By Mark McKee | Published

marvel Agatha

When Marvel reshaped the landscape of filmmaking by creating the most successful and in-depth shared universe of all time, the question developed of how to do it again in Phase Four. Their answer is to take the shared universe from the big screen to the small screen by streaming limited series to introduce new characters like Moon Knight and She-Hulk or continue old stories like Loki and Hawkeye. In WandaVision, Marvel introduced a great villain in Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), but her new series may be going through a second name change, according to The Direct, as a new set photo shows a chair reading “Agatha of Westview. 

Joe Locke is not only a newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but a relative newcomer to the world of acting, with only one property on his IMDb page. With your second acting job ever being in the MCU, it is understandable the actor would have a fair bit of excitement, and he showed it with a story on his Instagram. The photo showed a chair with the words, Agatha of Westview on the back, suggesting something very interesting for fans to pour over. 

There isn’t a lot of information on the upcoming Marvel spinoff of WandaVision starring Agatha Harkness, but one piece of information that keeps changing is the title. While it was initially titled Agatha: House of Harkness, Marvel eventually changed it to Agatha: Coven of Chaos. Of course, there is no definitive confirmation of another change, but the photo op does suggest the possibility that the new title is Agnes of Westview

marvel agatha

The name Agnes may sound familiar to fans as Agatha Harkness appeared in the collective delusion of the town of Westview as Wanda and Vision’s neighbor, Agnes. If it is a title change, it offers some very interesting perspectives on the direction Marvel may be taking with Agatha’s series. As fans of WandaVision probably remember, the climax of the first Marvel Disney+ series saw the two characters unmask their neighbor and reveal her as Agatha Harkness, a fellow magic user, making the persona of Agnes no longer needed. 

The return of the name Agnes could suggest that the new series will see a fair amount of flashbacks to what the character was up to offscreen before Wanda and Vision’s delusional town of Westview fell. That possibility also opens the door for Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany to appear in flashbacks as Wanda and Vision, respectively. All of that is mere conjecture at this point since there is no word or clarifying information to support or debunk any of these ideas. 

At this point, the MCU has firmly moved half of its projects to the Disney+ streaming service, with seven shows already available to view and many more rumored and confirmed for the future. While the launch point of the TV leg of the MCU was strong enough to justify the studio to continue making them for the foreseeable future, the continuation of that story is centered around the villain of the series instead of the heroes. Regardless of the title, Marvel’s return of Agatha is set up to be one of the best in the lineup.