One Of Martin Lawrence’s Funniest Films Is Coming To Netflix

Blue Streak, one of Martin Lawrence's best buddy comedies, will be available on Netflix starting on January 1.

By Danyell Marshall | Updated

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Martin Lawrence’s madcap comedy Blue Streak is coming to Netflix this year, and the series is one of the Demascus star’s funniest titles. According to What’s on Netflix, the 1999 film will be added to the streaming service on January 1, 2023. The film features a star-studded cast and criminal hijinks.

In Blue Streak, Martin Lawrence portrays the unlucky jewel thief Miles. Miles lands the score of a lifetime when he steals an enormous diamond, but his come-up is brought down when he’s arrested soon after. Miles stashes the diamond in a construction sight before being cuffed and booked, hoping to cash in his ill-begotten gains upon his release.

The comedic twists of fate begin when Miles is released from jail and returns to the scene where he stashes the jewel. But, unfortunately, he finds a police station has been built over his score. To get back his precious stone, Martin Lawrence poses as an LAPD detective, and hilarity ensues.

Several familiar faces star in Blue Streak alongside Martin Lawrence. Luke Wilson serves as Miles’ longsuffering partner Carlson in this buddy-cop comedy with a twist. In addition, comedian Dave Chapelle makes an appearance and delivers some of the film’s raunchiest punchlines while Out of Exile actor Peter Greene also appears in the movie.

Controversial figure Dave Chapelle is known for his edgy comedy and fearless approach to sensitive material. However, on the set of Blue Streak, Chapelle was the one being pushed too far when one scene required Chapelle’s character, opposite Martin Lawrence, to wear a dress and pose as a prostitute. Chappelle refused, even at the urging of the production team, and the scene was scrapped.

Roger Ebert gave Blue Streak a three-star rating when the film was released in 1999. The legendary film critic compared the Martin Lawrence title to Lethal Weapon and said it reached the upper limits of the genre. Ebert went on to praise the performance given by Lawrence as on par with Richard Pryor, Mel Gibbson, and Eddie Murphy.

Martin Lawrence Blue Streak
Martin Lawrence in Blue Streak

Martin Lawrence got his start on the series What’s Happening Now!!, before landing the titular role in his sitcom Martin. Audiences loved his zany slapstick energy and expressive acting. Lawrence broke into feature films with his role in Do The Right Thing, and has since starred in nearly 30 movies and several TV series.

There’s no questioning Martin Lawrence’s comedic ability, but more recently, he’s surprised audiences with more dramatic roles including 2022’s Mindcage. As detective Jake Doyle, Lawrence investigates an elusive copycat serial killer with his partner Mary Kelly (Melissa Roxburgh). The role represents Lawrence’s first significant departure from his usual lighthearted roles as he takes audiences through this dramatic crime thriller.

Unlike Mindcage, Blue Streak represents the brand of Martin Lawrence humor audiences are familiar with. It’s a raunchy, campy, action-packed comedy romp that takes advantage of Lawrence’s undeniable onscreen energy and hysterical movement. In juxtaposition to Lawrence’s over-the-top antics, Luke Wilson makes the perfect straight man in this buddy-cop film. Log in to Netflix after January 1 to experience this criminal-turned-cop comedy.