Marlon Wayans Says The World Needs A Sequel To His Fan Favorite Movie

By Kristi Eckert | 4 weeks ago

marlon wayans white chicks

The Wayans family is the epitome of a show biz family. Six of their ten children are involved in the industry and are well known for a variety of work, particularly their comedic endeavors. Damon Wayans’ comedy Major Payne is currently sitting at number two on Netflix. Another one of the brothers’ fan-favorites and arguably cult classics is the laugh-out-loud comedy White Chickswhich garnered a large amount of success in the box office back when it was released in 2004. In fact, ironically, it was also just sitting at number two in popularity on another streaming platform HBO Max. However, the movie has yet to see a sequel. It seems, though, that the Wayans brothers haven’t given up hope. Movieweb recently reported that Marlon Wayans thinks a sequel to White Chicks is exactly what the world needs right now. 

Marlon Wayans sat down to talk to Variety in an exclusive interview. He expressed that a healthy dose of laughter is just the medicine that the world could use right now. “I think ‘White Chicks 2’ is necessary. I think we’ve tightened up so much that we need to loosen our ties a bit and laugh a little bit.” In showing his enthusiasm, he also said that he and his brothers have a ton of ideas for a second movie and essentially are getting all their ideas from what’s currently happening in the world around them. 

White Chicks was directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans and starred his brothers Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans as two FBI agents who go undercover to protect two wealthy Caucasian female socialites by posing as them. Marlon Wayans, along with his brothers, have been vying for a sequel to the movie for over a decade. In 2009 it looked like Sony Pictures was going to produce a follow-up to White Chicks, but that never came to fruition. Then in 2014, Marlon Wayans tried to get the project off the ground again, and he nearly succeeded. In 2018 it was confirmed that there would indeed be a second film; however, it was canceled shortly after in 2019. 

marlon wayans white chicks

While it remains to be seen whether or not the world will ever see a sequel to White Chicks, what is clear is that Marlon Wayans is steadfast in his stance that there definitely needs to be one. Still, his desire for a White Chicks 2 has not stopped the actor from producing some pretty solid content. In 2020 he starred alongside Bill Murray and Rashida Jones in the Apple TV+ plus film On the Rocks. And then, just recently, his movie Respect, which details the life of Aretha Franklin, was released. In which Marlon Wayans stars alongside Jennifer Hudson and portrays Tim White, Franklin’s abusive first husband. 

Fans can also look forward to Marlon Wayans’ next project titled Back Home AgainBack Home Again is unique in that, according to IMDb, it is an animated retelling that features animals and not people of one of Canada’s largest wildfires and the evacuations that were executed because of it. Marlon Wayans lends his voice for the role of Mr. Tortoise in the film, which is currently in post-production but has no tentative release window at this time.