See Mark Wahlberg’s New Movie Trailer Based On A Shocking True Story

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

mark wahlberg joe bell

Mark Wahlberg has a new movie coming out that’s set to explore some very emotional themes. It’s a bit of a different look for the actor, but if the new trailer is any indication, this is something that’s totally in his wheelhouse. Based on a true story, the latest movie Joe Bell will have him walking across the country with a companion with whom he shares a deep emotional bond. 

The movie got its first trailer and in it, we start off seeing Mark Wahlberg on a deserted highway walking with a teenager. The two get into something of a playful argument about the merits of going to New York City to see Lady Gaga. It’s an endearing moment that he’s having with his son. But from there, we learn that there is much more going on with this walk, and why the father-son relationship is so important here. Check out the trailer for Joe Bell. 

After we leave the highway scene in the trailer, we understand very quickly that Mark Wahlberg and his son, played by newcomer Reid Miller didn’t always have this give-and-take nature, this deeper understanding of each other. But that’s because the scene we saw in the opening is a figment of Wahlberg’s imagination, a conversation that never took place and never would. It’s actually part of a healing process for the character as he struggles with his immense grief. 

The issue at hand is that we see Mark Wahlberg as Joe Bell wasn’t able to reconcile that his teenage son was gay, something the boy tried to convey to his father. But it was met with staunch resistance, eventually ending with the boy, Jadin, committing suicide. The walk for Joe Bell across the country was meant as a way for the father to try to heal and understand his grief and the actions that might have pushed his son to succumb to his own sadness. It is based on the book Good Joe Bell. 

Mark Wahlberg already had Joe Bell screened at the Toronto Film Festival last year and has come in with middling reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, sitting at 53%. But there are those who are praising the performance from Wahlberg in this one, someone dealing with the loss of his son and feeling like it might have been his fault. The film was directed by Reinaldo Marcus Greene who previously helmed Monsters and Men. 

mark wahlberg joe bell

Though he takes a more emotional and poignant role here in Joe Bell, Mark Wahlberg has a big-budget film currently on Paramount+. Infinite went through a number of different starts and stops before ultimately getting a theatrical release scrapped in favor of the streaming option. That flick went through significant development hell and landed with a thud with critics too. It’s maybe good it never went into theaters. 

Next year Mark Wahlberg is going to star in Uncharted, the adaptation of the popular video game. And he also has Arthur the King and The Six Million Dollar man on the horizon as well. Joe Bell will release in theaters on July 23rd.