Mark Hamill Finally Made It To Tosche Station, Even Picked Up A Power Converter

By Doug Norrie | 6 months ago

mark hamill star wars

Mark Hamill was basically introduced to the movie world, not as the iconic Jedi we ultimately knew he’d become, but as just a disaffected teenager who wanted to go on a spare parts run across Tatooine. That’s where his story first started in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. In one of the character’s first scenes in the movie, he complains to his uncle that he can’t do a chore because he can’t because he’s “going to Tosche Station to pick up power converters.” Luke’s journey basically starts here and while the Jedi Master has more adventures than one could ever dream of, he apparently never actually made it to the station. Until now. Mark Hamill just posted on his Twitter feed that 37 years later, he finally made it there. Check out the post: 

Claiming to have crossed it off his “to-do” list, Hamill is pictured holding a power converter (an electrical adapter) and standing in front of a gas station with the name “Tosche” printed on the logo face. But before you start Googling where this station is and how to make your own trek there, know that it’s a fake. This is actually a Mobil gas station with the Tosche name photoshopped on top of it. 

The original movie did have Mark Hamill’s Skywalker actually getting to Tosche Station eventually, but the scene was deleted from the movie. In the original, he meets up with long-time friend Biggs Darklighter, another pilot in the rebellion, with whom he grew up. The two discuss aspirations and their own trajectories. The conversation brings out Luke’s deep yearning to get off Tatooine and head out into the cosmos.  You can check out his first actual visit to Tosche and his encounters there in this scene:

Even after all these years, Mark Hamill’s Skywalker is still central to the Star Wars stories hitting the screen in the present. He’s fresh off a surprise cameo in The Mandalorian, that saw the actor de-aged to fit into the show’s timeline. The appearance sent fans buzzing and isn’t likely to be his last. There are so many concurrent Star Wars shows and productions in the works that overlap timelines from almost all of the different movies to date. Considering just how important Hamill has become to various story arcs, he’s probably set to be around the universe for some time. 

Wherever his story goes, it’s great to see Mark Hamill still strongly leaning into the character that’s made him such an iconic figure. It’s one of the things that keeps Star Wars fresh, that Hamill is willing to entertain the fanboy/fangirl sensibilities with little nods to the original movie. This is such a minor thing, a throwaway line of sorts that’s all but lost in the enormity of the franchise. But Hamill remembers and is fine showing fans he finally made the trip almost four decades later. It makes you wonder what other little things are out there as “unresolved” in the story of Star Wars.