Margot Robbie And Sebastian Stan Teaming Up For A New Movie?

Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan could be teaming up for another movie and it would be a different genre than they've done in the past

By Doug Norrie | Published

margot robbie sebastian stan

Margot Robbie has become as big a star as Hollywood has to offer. She’s shown the ability to handle award-winning biopics as well as comic book franchises with a little bit of seemingly everything in between. That’s what happens when you are as talented as they come. But there is another type of movie she hasn’t really tackled yet and Robbie might have found a castmate who could hold it down with her. It helps that they’ve already worked together. In a sit-down interview with Sebastian Stan, the two talked about future roles and hinted that they could end up working together again. 

The interview was for L’Officiel and it featured Margot Robbie asking questions and basically interviewing Sebastian Stan about his career. The two already know each other, having starred in I, Tonya back in 2017. Robbie played disgraced figure skate Tonya Harding and Stan played her husband Jeff Gillooly. The pair totally worked, at least for what the film set out to do, and landed in award circles when it was all said and done. Well, during the interview, the two got to talking about future roles and seemed to land on something that might line up for the two of them. 

During the Q&A, Margot Robbie asked Sebastian Stan if there was a genre of films he hadn’t done or would like to do in the future. He answered, “I really need to do a comedy,” to which Robbie responded, “Do you wanna do a rom-com? I was just saying this to a director the other night—I want to do a straight-up ‘90s rom-com.”

So it would seem that Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan line up on what they would like to do at some point, having shown the ability to share a certain amount of chemistry already. Though the tone was certainly different that first time around. And just to put a little more intrigue on top of things, later in the interview, Stan threw in this line, “I’m at my best opposite strong women…I feel like that’s my lane.” This seemed like an honest admission that also hinted at the possibility that working together with Robbie again wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. There was no pushback from Margot Robbie at all. 

Of course, a little conversation among friends doesn’t a movie make and there would be quite a bit that would need to happen in order for Sebastian Stan and Margot Robbie to team up in a romantic comedy together. They mentioned during the back and forth movies like When Harry Met Sally (almost the 90s) and Notting Hill as examples of the rom-com genre they’d like to explore. It’s tough to think a studio would want something like this, even with the star power, considering the current landscape of feature-length films. But stranger things and all. 

For her part, Margot Robbie is ascending to a certain level of Hollywood status that would have movies much easier to get made. While she isn’t an automatic green light if studios heard this kind of back-and-forth between the two stars they’d certainly want to see if there was something they could get into the works.