Margot Robbie Slept With A Cut Out Of DC Co-Star

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

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Even before they had met, Margot Robbie can claim that she slept in the same room as John Cena for a couple of years. It is an odd admission, but one that Robbie had no problem making recently while promoting the upcoming The Suicide Squad. While a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Robbie got real honest about her experience with John Cena in the past and why she was so familiar with him long before they ever met on set.

During the interview, Margot Robbie admitted that long before she had seen her stardom on the rise, she had a boyfriend who was a massive WWE fan. He loved the sport and spectacle of the in-rin shenanigans so much that he had a life-size cutout of John Cena in his bedroom. The guy was more than a little into the hulking wrestler turned actor and Robbie admitted that sometimes she’d even wake up in the middle of the night and be shocked by what was standing there in the corner. Here’s what Robbie had to say about the experience (via People). 

I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with John Cena…So much so that he dressed as John Cena for his 21st birthday and had a cardboard cut-out of John Cena in his bedroom… (I) slept in a room for two years with a life-size cardboard cut-out of John Cena in the room…And sometimes I’d wake up in the middle of the night and (gasp) and then I thought, ‘Oh, it’s just John Cena, it’s okay…

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Obviously, this isn’t something most people would readily admit to others, especially to a massive live audience, but Margot Robbie had no problem going into detail. She also said that when first meeting John Cena, she debated whether or not to tell him the story. But that lasted all but a couple of minutes before she spilled the beans to her co-star. It seemed to go over better than expected and if the rest of the appearance was any indication, the two have a totally fine working relationship. 

Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) and John Cena (Peacemaker) are set to star together in The Suicide Squad which comes out later this summer. It’s the James Gunn reboot of the David Ayers film from a few years ago. The movie is set to take a completely different approach than the original with considerably more laughs and a whole hell of a lot more blood. If the early trailers are any indication, this flick could be just completely off the reservation in terms of tone and story. It looks amazing. 

But Margot Robbie has already said that after The Suicide Squad she is taking a break from her role in the DC Extended Universe as Harley Quinn. Citing exhaustion after shooting Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad almost back-to-back, the actress has made it clear she is ready to take a break from the part. This isn’t to say we aren’t going to see her back at some point, but for the foreseeable future she will be taking a step back and we aren’t going to get a Harley Quinn solo film anytime soon. 

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DC Extended Universe work aside, Margot Robbie is plenty busy these days outside of the comic book world. She has an upcoming untitled David O. Russell project in the pipeline along with Damien Chazelle’s Babylon which has a stacked cast. It includes Brad Pitt, Olivia Wilde, Samara Weaving, and Tobey Maguire among others. In the meantime, The Suicide Squad  is set to release August 5th in theaters and HBO Max.