Margot Robbie Getting A Movie To Fight The Joker?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

Margot Robbie Birds of Prey 2

Margot Robbie could very well still become the face of the DC Extended Universe. Heck, maybe she is already these days with this franchise in an ever-changing state of flux around new projects, actor involvement, and massive changes seemingly coming every day. But the latest rumor has us possibly getting much more Robbie sooner than later. The latest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman is that Warner Bros is back to developing a Joker vs. Harley Quinn movie in their next round of productions. 

This latest rumor comes at a time when Warner Bros is a major state of flux around future projects. They’ve established a stable of characters but don’t appear to be committed to any single path right now. In this way, Margot Robbie still represents one of their most notable stars in a character that fans for sure love. She’s embraced the Harley Quinn role and though the previous iterations of her have missed the mark either critically or at the box office, it hasn’t been because of her portrayal. She’s been excellent. 

The Joker vs. Harley Quinn has been bandied around for some time at the studio with a couple of different starts and stops when it came to ramping things up. There was originally a plan to get the movie off the ground prior to the first Suicide Squad. Fans loved Margot Robbie but because they had something of a negative reaction to Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker, that the plan was quickly scrapped. He’s hung around as the character though and different iterations recently have made the idea of his take on the Clown Prince more palatable. 

margot robbie harley quinn

The interesting thing in this rumor might be subtle but instructive. The original movie was “And” and this one is “Vs”. Are the two aligned or at odds? Or possibly both. Such is the nature of the Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship that a single movie would likely encompass both feelings considering both are completely nuts and unpredictable. This is something that Margot Robbie has brought to Harley, making her likable and terrifying at the same time, bringing manic energy that plays perfectly. Leto’s take doesn’t have the same devil-may-care lightness to it, but that would still make an okay juxtaposition.

Margot Robbie has had two on-screen turns as Harley Quinn so far with Suicide Squad which bombed with critics but had a very solid box office run. Next was Birds of Prey which performed quite the opposite, scoring well with the reviews but ringing in as a major disappointment with ticket sales. Next up is The Suicide Squad by James Gunn which is set to, hopefully, give the group something of a reset with a different director at the helm. There’s great hope this one will carry just the right tone to the crew, playing on Robbie’s excellence specifically, and can mirror some of what the director did with Guardians of the Galaxy. 

In all, it makes sense for Warner Bros. to develop more projects around Margot Robbie considering what she’s brought to the character. And, for better or worse, no Harley Quinn story is really complete without the Joker in it.