See Margot Robbie As Dazzler In X-Men

By Michileen Martin | 6 seconds ago

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The Oscar-nominated Margot Robbie has proven to be one of the biggest, most successful stars of DC’s Cinematic Universe. Her portrayal of the unstable Harley Quinn is always a big draw, but now at least one artist is reimagining Robbie not as Joker’s ex-girlfriend, but as one of the more musically-themed X-Men.

m.design34 is a 21-year-old artist based in Hungary known for using digital wizardry to cast celebrities in popular comic book roles; like, for example, Tom Holland as The Red Hood, Agenlina Jolie as Silver Sable, or Vin Diesel as Mr. Freeze. His most recent photoshopped casting is arguably one of his best — Margot Robbie as the mutant hero Dazzler. The image could just about pass as the real thing, though of course there’s no word of Marvel casting the X-Men, much less specific actors or roles. You can see m.design34’s image below.

The idea of Margot Robbie playing Dazzler isn’t all that crazy. We received word a few weeks ago from one of our trusted and proven sources that Robbie is campaigning to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in particular that she was hoping to become part of whatever Marvel Studios has planned for the X-Men. There are other X-Men related characters Robbie could play, though Dazzler might be a prime choice. The character is a big departure from Harley Quinn, giving Margot Robbie another chance to show her range. Not to mention, the character could very well be at the very top of the list of X-Men that Marvel Studios is considering. So many of the mutants have already been portrayed on the big screen by multiple actors, whereas Dazzler has yet to enjoy a single prominent live-action appearance. Yes, Halston Sage played her in 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but that was little more than a cameo.

Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, represents one of the biggest ironies in the history of comics and comic book related media. In spite of getting so little time on the big screen, the superhero was actually created specifically to be a new kind of multimedia star. As chronicled by SyFy, Dazzler was conceived long before Margot Robbie was on the scene, through a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records — the latter of whom was looking to mold a disco singer into a kind of cross-platform character appearing in movies, comics, and albums. Dazzler made her first appearance in 1980’s Uncanny X-Men #130 as one of a number of mutants the notorious Hellfire Club is looking to recruit. Her mutant power is that she can transform sound into light — including hard blasts of light she can wield as energy blasts — something she uses to great effect as a disco singer.

The proposed movie — to which Bo Derek, rather than Margot Robbie, was briefly attached — and albums never materialized, but Dazzler enjoyed her own solo comic book series as well as the original graphic novel Dazzler: The Movie. While she initially refuses the X-Men’s invitation to join their team, she would join them years later after the 1986 crossover event The Mutant Massacre thinned the team’s ranks.