Mandy Patinkin’s Mystery Series Casts Assassin’s Creed Star

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Mandy Patinkin

Christian Svensson has joined the cast of the Hulu show Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem. According to Deadline, the actor will be joining the cast of the Mandy Patinkin series as the emissary of a criminal enterprise. As Andreas Windeler, he is intimidating, intelligent, and dangerous.

The show follows Mandy Patinkin as ace sleuth Rufus Cotesworth and his protege Imogene as they are thrust into a world of wealth and power onboard a Mediterranean ocean liner. Murder is afoot and it’s up to Rufus and Imogene to sift through the rich and entitled passengers to find the killer. Andreas Windeler is among the suspects, presumably with an agenda of his own.

Christian Svensson has numerous television appearances in his credits, including guest roles on CSI, NCIS, and Cold Case. He also has appeared in small roles in a few movies, including Quarantine. Aside from the Mandy Patinkin series on Hulu, he is currently appearing in the Swedish serial crime thriller GĂ„smamman.

Fans in the United States are more likely to recognize his voice than his face, as he has also acted in video games prior to landing the role on the Mandy Patinkin show. Most notably he played Ubba in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and he also played several characters in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including Angvid and Aesgir Snow-Shod. Skyrim featured an ensemble cast and spawned one of the most popular memes in gaming.

Mandy Patinkin appeared in a few movies and television shows in the 1980s, such as the Barbara Streisand gender-bender drama Yentl and the sitcom Taxi. His breakout role came as Inigo Montoya in the smash hit The Princess Bride, and fans today still quote his famous line as he moves in to exact his revenge against Count Rugen. This led to supporting roles in many movies, but it would be television that would make him a star.

His first lengthy television appearance was on HBO’s black comedy Dead Like Me, where he guided the other wraiths in their tasks as grim reapers. Mandy Patinkin then led the Behavioral Analysis Unit on Criminal Minds for three seasons as Jason Gideon. After leaving that show, he returned to HBO to play Saul Berenson, the mentor of the lead character Carrie Mathison on Homeland.

Mandy Patinkin also appeared for a season on The Good Fight before starring in the new Hulu series. He is loaning his voice to The Magician’s Elephant, an upcoming animated feature. Voice acting is another of the actor’s many talents, with credits as Papa Smurf in The Smurfs movie and as Hippocrates in the Hercules animated series.

Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem also stars Violett Beane, Lauren Patten, Hugo Diego Garcia, Angela Zhou, Rahul Kohli, and Annie Q. Riegel. Beane plays Mandy Patinkin’s protege Imogene and the rest of the cast plays various crew and guests that are implicated in the investigation. The addition of Christian Svensson adds another player on the board and Andreas Windeler seems to be a major character in the series.