The Best Mandalorian Gifts And Baby Yoda Merchandise To Brighten Your Life

By Rick Gonzales | 1 week ago

The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ to much hype and excitement. To many, it was a throwback to the original trilogy in terms of look and storytelling. It provided the right balance of action and adventure to go along with expanding the Star Wars universe. Among all this excitement and visual treats, The Mandalorian added one more avenue for enjoyment both by the growing legion of fans and the Disney company itself. Yes, we’re talking about Mandalorian merchandise.

With all the new characters introduced, the new vehicles, planets, you name it, The Mandalorian is now a treasure trove of fun gift ideas for fans.

With that in mind, we have put together a Mandalorian merch gift guide to help you find that perfect gift for the Mandalorian fan in your family. We will hit the high-end, the low-end and hopefully much in between for those of us who are budget conscious.

Mandalorian Action Figures

The detail on this Mandalorian action figure is stellar from beskar armor shielding his body to the t-visor mask that hides his identity. This Star Wars Black Series action figure comes with the Mandalorian cape, Amban rifle, and other small accessories. It’s a perfect gift for a Mandalorian merchandise collector.

The Star Wars Black Series also features the veteran of the galactic Civil War and sometimes pal of the Mandalorian, Cara Dune and The Child aka Baby Yoda. Each of these posable action figures comes with three series inspired accessories to make this mercenary a great gift to be had.

Fight Like Mando

Mandalorian gift gun

Who doesn’t love Nerf? If you’re looking for the perfect Mandalorian gift for your kid, this is it. Kids go all in with these things and don’t fib, adults, you love them too. So why not have some fun with the Star Wars: Mandalorian Rocket Gauntlet? Load up on this Nerf shooter and pretend you’re Mando, the lone gunfighter, tracking down his bounty.

Mandalorian Pop Vinyls

Mandalorian Gift

Not just one gift, but many. Funko has jumped on the Mandalorian bandwagon with a large number of Funko’s representing the series. You can find the Mandalorian riding a Blurrg, the Mandalorian solo, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, Q9-Zero, Kuiil, The Client, IG-11, a Jawa and yes, even fan favorite, The Child. The choices are many, all to the delight of Mandalorian fans.

Baby Yoda Merch

Look Like A Mandalorian

Mandalorian gift
Mandalorian Clothing

You need to be warm so why not look like a Mandalorian warrior while you keep your body temperature up? This Mandalorian zip-up hoodie is soft on the inside and tough on the out. It comes with a detachable cape and the mesh mask in the hood fastens down the front with self-stick fabric. The detailing is spot on, sure to make any Mandalorian fan happy. This comes in both adult and kid sizes and it’s the perfect Mandalorian gift for anyone who lives in the cold.

Mandalorian T-Shirts

There is no shortage when it comes to Mandalorian T-shirts. They come in all shapes and sizes with a number of different, fun and cool designs. They include the Mandalorian as well as the Child, Kuiil, Cara Dune and many other aspects from the series. The choices are many as are the merchants who sell them. Take a look around, we are sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a Mandalorian gift that suits just about anyone who loves the show or even just memes a lot about Baby Yoda.

Mandalorian Bling

Like to show off your affinity for the Mandalorian around your neck? There are currently two types of Mandalorian themed necklaces available. Both the pendant and the dogtags feature the mythosaur seen on the show. Each come with a steel chain to hang. It’s a Mandalorian gift with subtle style.

Mandalorian Mugs

Of course, there will be Mandalorian merchandise for the coffee drinkers. You simply can’t have a hit series and not offer coffee mugs to its fandom. Available in different sizes and styles, these mugs are sure to hit the right spot for those who love to take their morning coffee hot or are the day drinkers who need that non-stop fix. Give it as a Mandalorian gift and drink up.

Mando Phone Cases

Phone and tablet cases to be exact. Everyone likes a stylish case for their cell phone. Mandalorian fans for all cell phone models can get excited about the different styles and designs being offered. These protective cases are sure to be a hit when you gift them to your fan friends.

Need a case for your MacBook or iPad? The Mandalorian’s got your back on this one too. You can find them featuring Baby Yoda and even some with Mando riding a Blurrg.

Plush Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda gift

Saving one of the best for last, we bring you The Child plush. This one is sure to go fast so jumping on it quick would be a wise decision. The Mandalorian hit is big when the series introduced Baby Yoda as it quickly became the talk of the series. While you can find other merchandise that features Baby Yoda and its likeness, none may be able to compete with this plush. Do yourself a favor, do your child a favor, do your family a favor and go grab one.

As you can see, the merch for anything and everything Mandalorian is huge. The above are items typically seen with such any big hit series. As the show’s popularity continues to skyrocket, there’s sure to be more Mandalorian merchandise to be offered. Check back and we’ll update as new and awesome Mando merch becomes available for gifting The Mandalorian fan in your life.

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