Macaulay Culkin Speaks About Role In New Home Alone Reboot

By Jason Collins | 11 seconds ago

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone Reboot

Festivities are upon us, and with them, the Christmas flicks of the ‘90s – most notable of which is the Home Alone film series. Well, instead of enjoying the ‘90s Christmas classics, the Christmas of 2021 will be marked by the release of Home Sweet Home Alone, the sixth installment in the Home Alone cinematic franchise. With the youthful cast of the original movie all grown up, the Home Sweet Home Alone trailer revealed an important cameo appearance of the original Home Alone – and it’s not Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCalister.

Following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox and a whole string of reboots, revivals, spin-offs, the fandom speculated the reboot of the beloved holiday classic Home Alone from 1990, starring Macaulay Culkin as a 10’year-old Kevin McCalister. With the announcement of the upcoming Home Sweet Home Alone film, many hoped to see Culkin reappear in the movie. However, 41-year-old Culkin, now an acclaimed American Horror Story actor, used his social media to disprove speculations about his reappearance in the upcoming film. You can check out his Twitter post below:

The IncredibleCulk, also known as Kevin McCalister and Macaulay Culkin, revealed that he’s been getting questions about his purported appearance in the upcoming Home Sweet Home Alone, stating that he is not in the new Home Alone reboot. “I wish all involved the best of luck though” – he wrote. So, who is the McCalister cameo in the new Home Alone movie? It’s Buzz! As in Buzz McCalister, Kevin’s antagonistic older brother, portrayed by Devin Ratray. The Home Sweet Home Alone trailer depicts a 30-year-old Buzz as a police officer answering a call about suspicious individuals in a wealthy neighborhood.

Regardless, viewers were left unimpressed with the new Home Sweet Home Alone trailer. Many questioned why the Christmas classic was being remade and why Macaulay Culkin, as the original Kevin McCalister, isn’t in it? The upcoming film clearly centers around a new child forgotten by his family, and offers references to previous films, so why use Buzz as a cameo and not Kevin? Well, regardless, Culkin did make a series of humorous videos, with him as Kevin McCalister, eating takeout and surfing the internet – which is, arguably, more to be expected from today’s youth.

home alone reboot trailer
Buzz McCalister in Home Sweet Home Alone

It’s worth noting that the original Home Alone from 1990 didn’t fare too well with the critics initially. But it was a silly and straightforward Christmas movie whose lowbrow humor attracted the masses, especially children. The movie grossed close to $500 million on an $18 million budget, establishing itself as a must-watch Christmas film. Why did it gross so much, despite numerous flaws and inconsistencies in the movie? Most fans would say that the answer is, simply, Macaulay Culkin’s performance as Kevin McCalister – something future films, past Home Alone 2, couldn’t recreate, or at least replicate.

With that said, Home Sweet Home Alone features a stellar cast of comedy talent, including Archie Yates from Jojo Rabbit, making it a good candidate for the best entry in the franchise since the departure of Culkin from Home Alone. We’ll just have to wait for November 12 to find out.