M3GAN’s Unrated Cut Releases A Gruesome Trailer That You Must See

The new trailer shows how much more gore will be included in M3GAN's unrated cut for the DVD and Blu-ray home video release.

By Mark McKee | Updated

jason blum m3gan

Horror movies have a plethora of sub-genres that serve to keep us unable to fall asleep without nightmares of ghosts, goblins, monsters, and, worst of all…other humans. One of those more minor genres that the school leaves out is the killer doll, which got a brand new installment earlier this year with the release of Blumhouse’s M3GAN. And while there was plenty of terror in the PG-13 version you saw in the theater, the unrated cut promises more gore and more kills for the malfunctioning Model 3 Generative Android (M3GAN) in a new trailer dropped on Twitter. 

The premise of the newest Blumhouse thriller from producer Jason Blum and writers James Wan and Akela Cooper looked to take the killer-doll idea to a new level by adding in another sub-genre. In addition to the villain of this film being a rogue killer child’s toy made to look like a child, much like a doll, M3GAN is also artificial intelligence. Adding that aspect brought the whole idea to a completely new version of the genre; imagine if Chucky had a baby with The Terminator, and you have the possible devastation this killer had. 

Of course, much of that devastation was left on the cutting room floor as just a few months ago, we discovered that an unrated version lived out there. Once the original trailer saw M3GAN performing a dance made famous by a TikTok trend, the studio began to surmise that a PG-13 version would be accessible to a much wider audience that showed interest. The result was a much tamer version of the film, leaving the writers to tell us that the killer doll was capable of much more. 


The PG-13 rating didn’t stop the film from becoming one of the year’s first hits, as it landed a 94 percent from the critics and a 78 percent by the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. Word of mouth also boosted the marketing campaign as M3GAN pulled in nearly $170 million at the box office, spurring the Certified Fresh rating. The studio listened to the love the film got from the fans and greenlit a sequel nearly right away, even announcing that M3GAN 2.0 will bring back stars Allison Williams as Gemma and Violet McGraw as Cady. 

Still, knowing that fans could have gotten a much bloodier and perhaps scarier film meant we were bound to get an alternate version we could watch at home. Of course, at home, we can ensure no TikTok teenagers are watching, making it a win-win for the studio that put the tamer version in the theaters for a wider box office. 

While fans may be looking forward to a whole slew of horror movies in the future, including Scream 6The Pope’s Exorcist, and Evil Dead Rise, there is still a wait. Still, the unrated release of M3GAN gives fans of the genre something to watch to satiate their lust for blood, gore, and sleepless nights.