Lupin Season 2: Watch The First Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

lupin season 2

Lupin Season 2 is going to kick off soon for the popular Netflix show and we are getting our first look at what this thing has in store going forward. Following an intense and incredibly successful first go around, there’s a lot to get excited for in the continued story of a master thief out for revenge against the man responsible for his father’s death. The new season has the same fast-paced feel and looks like it could be another strong showing for the French program. Here, check out the teaser trailer for the next season of Lupin:

The Lupin Season 2 teaser trailer starts off with Assane Diop having to navigate the high-stakes world which has put his family in jeopardy. His son has been kidnapped and held hostage in order to subdue Diop from continuing his quest for revenge against the Pellegrini family. From the trailer, it looks every bit as tense and slick as the first season, offering new issues for the main character and continuing to put him in tough spots along the way.  We get the sense that Diop is not only continuing down a dangerous path with his own crimes but has now wrapped himself fully in a world that he might not completely understand. While he still brings confidence to the part, there’s a sense that things are beginning to spiral out of control. 

Lupin Season 2 will continue to follow the story of Assane Diop (Omar Sy) the master thief who is out to avenge his father’s death. He has tasked himself with revenge over his father’s former employer Hubert Pellegrini (Herve Pierre), taking inspiration from the fictional, but now titular French character Arsene Lupin. Diop believes (rightfully so) that Pellegrini framed his father for the theft of a famous diamond which led to the latter’s imprisonment. He ultimately takes his own life, leaving Assane an orphan. Assane grows up with the sole intent of bringing Pellegrini to justice and along the way acquires a host of skills and talents that will help him with the self-assigned mission. 

lupin season 2

There’s reason to get excited for Lupin Season 2. The first go-around was a critical smash, with reviews through the roof. It’s sitting at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 82 on Metacritic. Almost nothing but praise was handed out for the show in its initial run with critics loving almost everything from the story plotting, to the cat and mouse game to the performances. There was exceptional praise for Omar Sy in the lead. 

And not only was the first season a hit with critics, the streaming numbers on the platform well-outperformed expectations. It was reported earlier in the year that around 70 million Netflix subscribers tuned into the show’s first season. And that was just within the first month of it going up on the platform. The numbers have likely only grown significantly since then with so much buzz around the show. At various times, the show ranked #1 in a number of different international markets for Netflix. According to Netflix data, the first season of Lupin ranked behind only The Witcher in terms of worldwide subscriber engagement. In this way, Lupin Season 2 was merely a foregone conclusion.

From the Lupin Season 2 teaser, it’s unclear if the show maintains quite the same comedic element as the first go around. Not to say this was a laugh-a-minute production, but it had quite a few moments in the first season that got a chuckle. There are bits and bobs of it in this look at the next season, but it does feel a lot more intense a production. Heck, the opening scene of the trailer is Diop standing across a field threatening to kill one of Pellegrini’s main henchmen, Leonard. They are discussing the kidnapping of Diop’s son and if this is a tone-setter then we are looking at a darker feel for the season. 

lupin season 2

Lupin Season 2 is set to be another five-episode run and is, for now, simply called Part 2. It’s already completed filming which is somewhat easy to ascertain from a complete-looking 90 second teaser trailer. It is set to release on Netflix some time this year. No doubt it will bring more intrigue to a story that Netflix viewers loved the first time around. 

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