Lucas Till Is Out Of Work, CBS Pulls The Plug On MacGyver

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

lucas till macgyver

Lucas Till had a nice run as a problem-solving, engineering genius that could work out almost any issue with a few meager parts and the ability to work decidedly out of the box. But now it looks like he’ll have to find a new character on a new series. Because, for now, his ingenious, day-saving abilities are going off the air. Deadline is reporting that CBS isn’t going to continue with MacGyver and that Lucas Till and the company will have to move on to a new project. 

This news of MacGyver getting canceled was something of a surprise considering the show is currently in its fifth season and had performed moderately well, from a ratings perspective up until this point. Series star Lucas Till took over the mantle of the character from original icon Richard Dean Anderson who lit up the 80s with the first iteration of the show. Till played an updated version of the same character, Angus MacGyver who used his ingenious approach to mechanics, and adept brain to offer divergent and, sometimes silly, solutions to big problems. The original show was unique in its approach and this reboot was as well. 

Lucas Till put out a social media post in which he exuded gratiitude for the chance to be on the show and what it has meant to him over the years. It was nothing but complimentary about the cast and crew as well as the network as whole. Check out what he had to say about his time on MacGyver:

While Lucas Till and this current season of MacGyver hasn’t wrapped yet, it will be over soon with the, now, series finale airing on April 30th. The show garnered mostly negative reviews to start, sitting at 25% on Rotten Tomatoes for its first season, but it was pulling in around eight million viewers an episode for the first four seasons. Numbers aren’t out for this fifth season right now, but the canceling of the show does point to the possibility of a sizable drop-off as the show has gone one. The opening of Season 5 saw fewer than five million viewers and if that number has declined then maybe fans have shown some fatigue over Lucas Till and his hijinks. 

Rebooting 80s television shows is nothing new with Lucas Till and MacGyver joining the ever-growing list that includes programs like Magnum P.I., Hawaii 5-0, Knight Rider, Dynasty, and Charlie’s Angels (among many, many others) which have found their respective ways back on to the small screen. It was a valiant effort for a quirky show and character. 

lucas till macgyver

As for Lucas Till, there doesn’t appear to be anything impending on the horizon for the actor who has been in the comic book space before as Havoc in X-Men: First Class reboot and the subsequent movies as well. There are no immediate plans to return to that character with the titular group moving onto the Marvel lot permanently. We will have to see what’s next for Till, but it won’t be saving the day with the use of everyday items on the small screen anymore. 

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