The Netflix Reality Show That’s About More Than Dating

By Christopher Isaac | Published

love on the spectrum

If someone were to recommend you check out a reality show about dating, the first thing that would pop into your head would probably be something like The Bachelor. A lot of people avoid such shows because they do not like all the arguing and drama. But it turns out some reality shows about dating can actually be very heartwarming and raise awareness of important causes, like Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum.

Love On The Spectrum

love on the spectrum

As the name implies, Love on the Spectrum focuses on people on the autism spectrum who also happen to be looking to get into dating. Many of them have never actually been on a date before due to struggling with a lot of the societal norms that go into building that kind of a relationship.

So the show focuses on these individuals receiving guidance from friends, family, and relationship experts to try and meet someone special.

It Isn’t A Competition

Love on the Spectrum is not a game show or a competition. It is a slice of life reality show that deals with the tough realities of dating for many autistic people.

Many of the people on the show struggle with not understanding what is expected of them in new social situations or fearing judgment from others.

Some also deal with very common feelings like growing older and not having the life they envisioned because they have not found their special someone yet.

The US And Australian Versions

love on the spectrum

The show started out as an Australian TV show, but due to its popularity an American version was made for Netflix as well. Both versions of Love on the Spectrum are available on Netflix, and each currently has two seasons.

Regardless of the country, both versions are worth a watch for tackling the same problems that transcend nationalities.


While the show is great for becoming more aware of the struggles some autistic people face, it can also be quite a feel good show for the success stories it contains as well.

There are absolutely people on Love on the Spectrum who wind up very happy and even wind up getting married. Numerous individuals on the show have even developed large fandoms on social media who offer encouragement.

Love on the Spectrum is also great for showing the multitude of ways that autism can manifest. There are some people who have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts or become very fixated on performing certain mannerisms.

However, there are also those who have their own businesses, are very self-sufficient, and simply have a different way of viewing the world than neurotypical people do.

Stream It Now

At its heart, Love on the Spectrum shows how finding love is difficult for everyone. The show deals with the hard realities that we all have experienced like rejections and break ups.

It also shows the importance of support networks for staying positive and motivated regardless of challenges.

If you are tired of all the fighting and drama that most other dating reality shows like The Bachelorette are known for, try out Love on the Spectrum for a show that leaves you feeling uplifted at the end of each episode.

Both versions of the show are filled with kind, earnest people who you will find yourself wanting to succeed in their quest to find someone who accepts them for who they are.