Lost Reboot: Original Showrunners Not Involved

By Rick Gonzales

Lost reboot

In another case of ‘say it ain’t so’ or ‘should they or shouldn’t they’, talk is once again heating up about a possible reboot of the roller coaster hit TV series Lost. The show, which ran for six seasons in the early 2000s and was co-created by J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof, has been talked about before in terms of a reboot. Now it seems, in this day and age of the reboot/revision, the chances are now about 50/50 that a Lost reboot happens.

According to this source if it moves forward the plan is for the rebooted version of Lost to be “more mature” and that it would end up on a streaming service, not network TV. What exactly “more mature” means is hard to fathom, as the show definitely wasn’t for kids the first time around. Hopefully it means that any Lost reboot will change the ending so that the whole thing actually makes sense.

Lost Creators Won’t Be Involved

lost reboot

If the Lost reboot does happen, showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have said that they won’t be a part of it. Why? Because they feel they have said all they wanted to with the show. So it looks like the new version would be completely in the hands of new showrunners and writers.

Lost told the story of a handful of people who survived an airplane crash and landed on a mysterious island. The first two seasons were a riveting watch…and then it started to slowly come off the rails. To its credit, the show did hold interest, albeit waning in the final few seasons, but it did have enough to win multiple Golden Globes, Emmys, and BAFTAs.

Lost made stars of Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, and Naveen Andrews as well as a few others in the cast. But the divisiveness of the final few seasons, more importantly the last season and its final episode, left many fans unsatisfied and possibly more questions than answers. So, do we need a Lost reboot?


If you ask one of the stars, Henry Ian Cusick, he’d be on board with a Lost reboot, as he told The Independent. “I think a reboot would be really cool. I’d be really excited to see what they did if any of us got asked back. I’d imagine they’d go with the island being the star, but you never know. I guess the obvious way would be Hurley and Benjamin Linus on the island. But yeah, I’d be up for it – it was a cool show and things are getting rebooted all the time.”

Another of the series’ stars, Nestor Carbonell, excitedly weighed in on the idea of a Lost reboot. “I’d work with Damon [Lindelof], Carlton [Cuse] and that cast any time on any project, and if they found something meaningful to do beyond what they’ve already created – and it would be meaningful coming from them – then I’d be the first to sign up. Lost was a gift in so many ways – it changed my life, it changed my family’s life; my wife has actually written a book that she’ll publish next year about the show from her point of view.” He also said, “To come back to it in some other incarnation would be another gift.”

Lost reboot kate

Other stars, more to the point Evangeline Lilly, spoke about their specific character. “I always thought Kate was obnoxious. Not at the beginning – at the beginning, she was kind of cool. But as the show went on, I thought she became more and more predictable. I felt that my character went from being autonomous – really having her own story, journey and agendas – to chasing two men around the island. That irritated the shit out of me.” Seems the chances of bringing back Kate are slim to none.

That Lost series finale left a bad taste in the mouths of many. Fans felt cheated. Many of the actors felt cheated and had to defend the ending. Were they dead? Were they not? What the heck was that island? So many unanswered questions, so again, does Lost need a reboot?

the hatch

Damon Lindelof talked to ComicBook.com about the possibility of rebooting Lost, “We had such an opportunity to kind of do everything that we wanted to there. This is, again, it’s another situation where, for someone who’s come in and worked in the Alien-verse and the Star Trek-verse and now the Watchmen-verse, the idea that I created some original IP in Lost that someone else could come in and put their spin on, I would love to see more Lost. I’d love to see what other people would do with it. I just kind of feel like I had my crack at it and it’s time for the old man to step aside and let someone else take the reins. That would be cool for there to be more Lost, but, again, I don’t think it should be me.”

He seems all in, just not as part of a Lost reboot. Lindelof also had this to say to disgruntled fans about the show and it’s ambiguous ending, “I guess the takeaway from Lost is that I am unapologetic about the fact I’m fascinated by ambiguity and questions that will never be answered because that’s what life is. I’m just really interested in those stories and I understand that there is an experience of frustration and dissatisfaction. But I also think that there is nobility in the exploration and the journey of these ideas.”

Lost reboot

Another person who may not be on board with a Lost reboot would be former executive producer Carlton Cuse. Back in 2017, he stated that they had no plans of rebooting the series. But in 2019, ABC President Karey Burke dropped a bit of knowledge by saying at the Television Critics Association, “I would like that very much. That is a reboot I would be interested in seeing.” Is this the ringing endorsement it needs? The scuttlebutt around the water cooler says that while it hasn’t been inked, the idea is moving forward. It will also be a “more mature” version of Lost and most likely would be part of a streaming service.

What say you, Lost fans? Is Lost reboot worthy? Is it something you would want to see? Are there still too many unanswered questions that need to be answered? Tell us your interest level on a possible Lost reboot.