Lord Of The Rings Stuntwoman Needs Brain Surgery

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

The Lord of the Rings Amazon

Dayna Grant is an iconic stuntwoman in the industry. She has her own school for teaching upcoming stunt workers in New Zealand. She’s worked on Wonder Woman 1984, Xena, The Walking Dead, and Mad Max: Fury Road, among many other projects. One of her most recent and prominent pieces of work has been on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series in New Zealand. Unfortunately, she recently suffered an injury on set earlier this year while working on the show. According to Deadline, she received proper medical attention, was cleared to return to work, and ended up doing stunt work on other projects before being diagnosed with symptoms of a brain aneurysm and upper spinal injuries.

It is very possible that these injuries Dayna Grant is suffering from are residual effects from previous incidents in her career and have gone unnoticed up until now. Her recent accident likely brought attention to them. Her doctors have said that she needs immediate care now though, but navigating the health system has proven difficult. Her medical expenses are currently estimated at NZ $60,000.

Fortunately, people have come to her aid. TheOneRing.net, a Lord of the Rings fansite, shared a fundraiser for the stuntwoman. At the time of this writing, more than 1,000 people have helped her reach the goal she needed to cover her brain surgery and related medical expenses. After learning of the campaign to help fund her recovery, the Lord of the Rings stuntwoman posted an emotional video to her social media expressing her gratitude to the people around the world who are helping her through this medical emergency.

Fans of Lord of the Rings weren’t the only ones to step up to help her out. The stuntwoman has gained a following over the years. Dayna Grant used to be Lucy Lawless’s stunt worker on Xena, and the actress tweeted out her support for the fundraiser. Steps like this helped Dayna Grant reach the goal she needed so she can focus on her recovery instead of the financial concerns.

Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series has a lot of actors and other crew on set. They’re filming in New Zealand, in the shire we know from the original films from director Peter Jackson. However, the Amazon series has nothing to do with those films. It takes place long before The Hobbit, during the Second Age in Tolkien’s world. While those movies have been out for a while and the franchise has begun to fall into the background, Amazon is hoping to bring it back in a big way.

The Lord of the Rings production has turned into something massive and expensive. Amazon Studios is sparing nothing as they work to build out Tolkein’s world in their new series. We don’t yet know much about what happened during Dayna Grant’s accident that sent her into the hospital, but it sounds like the important part was that she got medical care and will now have this injury resolved. Hopefully, her recovery will go smoothly and she’ll be able to get back to doing work she is clearly passionate about.