Lord Of The Rings Is Coming In IMAX

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings will go down as one of the great trilogies in movie history. It took the classic book series and brought it to life on screen in a way that really didn’t even seem possible. But Peter Jackson and company pulled it off and it stands to reason the films will stand the test of time. And if you are a fan of the franchise, or even if you’ve never gotten to see it before, then there’s a cool opportunity coming. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is heading for the biggest screen of all. The movies will be showing on IMAX screens in just a couple of days. Check it out:

This is such awesome news, getting to see the films in 4K and offering a fully immersive experience. Frankly, it’s somewhat surprising this happened already, But apparently, Peter Jackson did the remastering for the Lord of the Rings movies too. Considering he was the architect behind these movies, he may have just wanted to ensure the delivery was up to his standards before they hit the IMAX screens. The Fellowship of the Ring will hit IMAX screens on February 5th with The Two Towers and The Return of the King going up a week later on February 12th. 

For those that haven’t taken part in an IMAX movie experience, it is quite different than your brick and mortar theater trip. From the steep stadium seating to the larger-than-life screen that looks like it stretches to infinity, you are getting a much broader look at every film shown in this setup. Considering the detail, staging, and effects that went into the Lord of the Rings it is primed to be one of the coolest things to head for this format. 

When they came out in a three-year span between 2001 and 2003, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was an absolute event. The films were nominated for 30 Academy Awards and earned close to $3 billion (you read that number correctly) at the box office on about $300 million in budget dollars. They became a true testament to Peter Jackson’s vision, able to pull off nearly the impossible considering the time-honored popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien’s original work. 

lord of the rings

And besides just a revisiting of the classic Lord of the Rings movies in IMAX, we are also getting a new series which is slated to hit Amazon in the next couple of years. This series will focus on works by Tolkien that involve stories in Middle Earth but will take place before The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s been in production for a number of years now with expectations quite high around the different stories it can tell and the overall scope. 

Before that happens though, try to find the nearest IMAX theater to check out the first films that brought the story to life for a new generation. It will surely be worth the trip and likely offers a new viewing experience for even the most diehard of fans.