Loki Season 2: We Know If It’s Happening

By Drew Dietsch | 3 days ago

loki season 2 tom hiddleston

Loki Season 2 is something fans have been wondering will actually happen or not. This new era of Marvel Cinematic Universe television shows premiering on Disney+ has left some questions about their longevity. Are they all meant to exist for multiple seasons? Are they just miniseries that act as elongated movies to help fill in big sections of the overarching story of the Marvel universe? Will some be one-offs while others will get to continue forward? While we don’t know what the status of other Marvel Cinematic Universe shows might be, we do have a definitive answer for at least one of those shows and that is about Loki Season 2.

In the finale of Loki, “For All Time. Always.”, we get a legitimate cliffhanger ending that seems to herald the dawn of a brand new chapter for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. In all honesty, it isn’t really an ending as much as it is beginning. While we won’t spoil the specifics of what goes down, we will say the final moments will surely be frustrating to some people since it offers very little closer. Thankfully, this is the first of these new Marvel shows that blatantly states it will continue on. Yes, there will be a Loki Season 2 and it is confirmed when this moment smashes onto the screen as a mid-credits teaser:

loki season 2

That looks to be a Variant case file from the Time Variance Authority on Loki himself, and a big rubber stamp comes in to brand it with the words, “Loki will return in Season 2.” It is a cheeky bit of meta-awareness to the audience, especially after the ending of the show leaves things on such a mind-bending cliffhanger. Unlike the previous Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe shows WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this is an undeniable affirmation that more of this show is in the works.

Now the question turns to: when will we get to see Loki Season 2? Obviously, Marvel Studios hasn’t officially slated the new season since doing so would have revealed its existence. And we know that it has not been in production recently, so it looks like we might be waiting for a while before we get to follow up on the shocking events of the first season. Though, we all know that the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will certainly be giving us a continuation of certain story threads. However, it seems like we could be waiting quite a while before we get direct follow-ups to the stories of Loki, Sylvie, Mobius M. Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer, and Hunter B-15.

Still, it is reassuring to know that Loki Season 2 is in the pipeline. This has been an enjoyable season of television and these particular characters are definitely ones that fans want to see more of. While we will get to see the ramifications of their actions in movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we will just have to wait and see what is going to happen to the God of Mischief and his compatriots when the Loki Season 2 finally gets underway.