Loki Series Is Introducing Multiverse Marvel Characters

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

loki tom hiddleston

What do Marvel fans want to see more of? Kevin Feige is apparently very in touch with the fans of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. When the head of Marvel was asked why Loki is going to be one of Disney+’s first streaming shows for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he told Entertainment Weekly, “More Hiddleston, more Loki.” That about cuts to the chase, doesn’t it? And apparently he very much means it, since one of the ideas they are most excited about for the upcoming series is that we’ll be seeing Multiverse Marvel characters.

What does this mean? It means seeing alternate versions of the characters from the Multiverse. Likely, it means seeing many different versions of Hiddleston’s character in particular. This is fitting, of course. In mythology, Loki was a cunning trickster who often appeared in different forms. A Disney+ series is a perfect opportunity to better explore the character and the Multiverse versions of the character. It’s also fitting to how Hiddleston has played the character so far.

Heroic Hollywood has pointed out that one version we’re likely to see is Lady Loki. Back in 2019, they’d heard that Sophia Di Martino was up for the role. While we know now that she is cast in the show, her role has been left blank. Many still believe she’s likely going ot be seen as Lady Loki, but it seems like we may have to wait until Disney+ releases the first episodes to find out.

matt damon loki

Loki won’t be the only character we see Multiverse alternates for in the series, though no one has said who else we might see. Alternate Thor seems highly likely, as they’re related. The character manages to find his way into all kinds of trouble though, so it’s truly anything goes.

We know that showrunner Michael Waldron has said that the series is going to see Loki exploring his identity. There’s few better ways to do that than to see versions of the character throughout the Multiverse, thrown into other situations and worlds. Who is this character when all else has changed? At their core, what makes them who they are? That definitely sounds like something the dedicated Loki fans will be excited to get behind.


On top of the Multiverse travels, we also know that the show is going to play with time. This means we may be seeing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe across multiple time points as well as other versions of the character from the Multiverse. This was something that was particularly fun with Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Fans of the movie will be particularly excited to see the alternate Lokis. In terms of getting to truly understand the character, there could be no way that would be more fun than bending physics to such a degree.

It already seems like a shame that the Loki series for Disney+ only has six episodes announced. The series is set to premiere on the streaming service June 9, 2021. Fans may already be planning their first watch, and then repeats for throughout the summer. Hopefully, the series lives up to the extreme excitement Hiddleston fans have been harboring all this time.