Loki Just Dropped Two Of The Greatest Easter Eggs In Marvel History

By Drew Dietsch | 1 week ago

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Loki has certainly had its fair share of Easter eggs over the course of the show’s run. With the series having so much focus on alternate timelines, there have been plenty of opportunities to drop some fun references to corners of the Marvel universe that probably would not fit in with the regular goings-on of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the latest episode, “Journey Into Mystery”, provided a ton of cute appearances from a number of recognizable elements from pop culture and Marvel Comics. But, there were two instances that have to rank as some of the greatest references ever to show up in any Marvel movie.

This Loki episode takes place in The Void, a point near the end of time where the Time Variance Authority sends all of the Variants and branched timelines that it “prunes.” We get to see a veritable wasteland of discarded existence and some of those objects are actually Easter eggs that have specific ties to pieces of Marvel history. The first incredible one is when we get to the bunker that has been built by the Variant Lokis to protect themselves from the giant spectral being known as Alioth that stalks the fields of The Void. Seemingly crashed next to the entrance of the bunker is a bright yellow helicopter with the word Thanos branded on it in capital letters. What?!?

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Casual fans are probably scratching their heads at Loki making such a bizarre reference to the Mad Titan, but it turns out that this Easter egg has a very humorous connection to the comics. There is a story arc where Thanos is attempting to obtain the Cosmic Cube and he appears in a comically cartoonish helicopter with his own name boldly emblazoned on the chopper. The image has become something of a goofy meme for Marvel fans, and its inclusion in the show is clearly a nod to those fans who aren’t so concerned with taking everything so seriously.

thanos copter

That alone would earn Loki high praise from eagle-eyed viewers, but the wildest of Easter eggs comes only a few seconds later. As the camera descends into the underground bunker, we see a number of objects that are stuck in the buried earth. Among those is none other than Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. But, what is that just underneath the hammer stuck in a jar? Why it’s none other than fan-favorite character Throg! Yes, that’s Thor as a frog.

loki easter eggs frog thor

Need an even better look at Throg’s appearance in Loki? Here you go!

loki easter eggs frog thor 2

We probably won’t know which version of Throg showed up in Loki. In the comics, the main timeline version of Thor was turned into a frog, but there also exists Simon Walterson, a character who simply is a frog version of the God of Thunder. Perhaps this Easter egg will come back around after the events of the show wrap up in their final episode? We have to belive folks want to see more of Throg in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How could you not?