Locke & Key Season 2: Season 3 Now Also Coming

Locke & Key season 2 is soon to be greenlit by Netflix.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Lock & Key season 2

Initially, Locke & Key took the long way around before it was on Netflix’s radar, taking twelve years to make it to the small screen. Now Netflix has officially greenlit Locke & Key season 2.


Release date on Netflix

Though Locke & Key season 2 is a go there is no premiere date yet. Best guess is it should arrive in the middle of 2021.



Locke & Key season one was a big hit for the Netflix. The show told the tale of the three Locke kids and their mother, who move into their father’s childhood home after he is tragically murdered. The house, Keyhouse, holds many secrets, secrets that are unlocked with the many keys found at the house, which may also hold answers to their father’s murder.

According showrunner Carlton Cuse writers are in place and have started penning Locke & Key season 2. “We’re writing Season 2,” he confirmed to Gamespot. “We’re working in a room.”


Now that Locke & Key season 2 is a complete go, also assume that the three Locke siblings will also return.

Locke & Key star

That means Connor Jessup (American Crime, Falling Skies) will return as the eldest Locke, Tyler.

Season 2 cast

Emilia Jones (High-Rise, Brimstone) will be back as the middle child, Kinsey Locke.

Lock and Key season 2 kid

Jackson Robert Scott will likely return as the youngest, Bode Locke. For those of you unaware, Scott also has the distinction of being in the highest-grossing horror movie of all-time, Stephen King’s IT. He portrayed little Georgie Denbrough who had that unfortunate first meeting with Pennywise the Clown.


Also sure to return for season two is Darby Stanchfield (Scandal, NCIS) as the Locke trio’s mother, Nina.


Look for Bill Heck to appear as Nina’s dead hubby Rendell.


Aaron Ashmore (Smallville, Veronica Mars) will likely come back as mysterious uncle Duncan.

Season 2 kid

Helping the older Locke siblings navigate high school is fellow students Petrice Jones as Scot and Griffin Gluck as Gabe.

Missing in 2

Sherri Saum may be back as Ellie Whedon, though there too her fate was left undecided at the end of Locke & Key’s first season.

Locke and Key season 2 villain

Of course the “bad guys” should be making a return as well. The “well-lady” Dodge, a demon played to scary perfection by Laysla De Oliveira. Given how season 2 ended, we’re less sure about the return of Thomas Mitchell Barnet as creepy Sam Lesser, Rendell’s former student and murderer.


Locke & Key portal

We know Locke & Key season 2 is already being written. We don’t know for sure where the story is going to lead.

Carlton Cuse did reveal that there are plans to write the show through the end of the graphic novels. He says, “I think by the time we get to the end of the season, we’ll have a better sense of how much longer the show can go… We’ve spent a lot of time talking with Joe [Hill], and I think, in concert with Joe, we’ll figure out the answer to that question. I mean, it is a cool ending, but again, the show’s diverging from the comics and it becomes something [else].”

The Locke & Key graphic novels diverge from the plot of the show in some key areas, but generally speaking the series has already covered most of the events in the first three books “Welcome to Lovecraft”, “Head Games”, and “Crown of Shadows”. That leaves three more books and one prequel to use for material in Locke & Key season 2.


Locke & Key season 2

There very well could be. Cuse made it clear there was much more they wanted to do in Locke & Key season one but couldn’t. He told Digital Spy, “There are so many things that we want them to do that we just kicked out into the second season. So hopefully we’ll be making a second season of the show. We want to be able to kind of continually invigorate and refresh the show as an ongoing series and, you know, I think that will work out well.”

Some of the keys which are in the graphic novels but have yet to be used in the show and could appear on Locke & Key season 2 include…

  • Age Key
  • Alpha Key
  • Angel Key (Engels-Schlüssel)
  • Animal Key
  • Bitey Key (Grindhouse Key)
  • Chain Key
  • Echo Key
  • Enigma Key (Question Key)
  • Gender Key
  • Giant Key
  • Harlequin Key
  • Hell Key (The Key to Hell)
  • Hercules Key
  • Key to the Moon
  • Owl Key
  • Philosophoscope Key
  • Reali Key
  • Riffel Key
  • Shadow Key
  • Skin Key
  • Small World Key (Dollhouse Key)
  • Splody Key
  • Teddy Key
  • Thorn Key
  • Timeshift Key
  • Undertree Key (Squirrel Key)


Locke & Key origins

The Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez graphic novel Locke & Key was published in 2008 by IDW Publishing and the first issue was an immediate sell-out prompting the publishing company to quickly jump on a second printing. It was such a big hit that Dimension Films immediately announced that it was planning on a movie adaptation.

Dimension Films interest in Locke & Key went by the wayside pretty quick because of financial issues. Star Trek producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman picked up the rights in 2010, with Steven Spielberg on board as an executive producer. The property bounced around Hollywood again and again, from a failed TV pilot to a failed movie trilogy idea. But it finally did find a home at Netflix in what showrunner Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) called “a long odyssey”.


Getting to Season 2

The reasons were plenty as to why the graphic novel took such a long time to see the light of the small screen but as co-showrunner Meredith Averill told Digital Spy, the tone was a tricky thing to capture: “What the comic does so well is balancing different tones of, you know, extreme horror – moments of extreme horror – and then young adult stories, dealing with love triangles, and then these elements of fantasy.”

But once they got it, they got it. “And so, you know, I think it works so well in the comics, but it’s been difficult to adapt. I think that we worked really hard in trying to find this proportion in our show where we felt like all of those elements were working together, and not against each other, in our show.”

The Future Of Locke & Key

We know we’re getting Locke & Key season 2, but what about after that? Word is that Netflix will also renew Locke & Key for season 3. They haven’t decided if the show will go any further than that yet, but it looks like we’re set for at least three seasons total.