Liv Tyler To Play Red Hulk For Marvel

By Faith McKay | 6 months ago

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Liv Tyler is reportedly in talks to play Red Hulk/Betty Ross for the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney+. It has been over a decade since she played Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk, but the series seems set on pulling together a complete universe. Insider Daniel Richtman revealed to his Patreon that he has heard Liv Tyler is in talks to join the cast. We don’t know a lot yet, and nothing is concrete, but the implications are exciting. 

Liv Tyler’s History As Betty Ross

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Did you remember that Liv Tyler was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? No one would fault you for forgetting. While Marvel fans are known for rewatching their favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, The Incredible Hulk isn’t on anyone’s must-watch list. The 2008 movie starred Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. It was released shortly after the much more successful Iron Man and was rarely ever mentioned again. Mark Ruffalo was cast as Bruce Banner in the following movies and material from the solo film is rarely mentioned. 

Recent announcements have made it known that the new She-Hulk series is bringing material from that movie into the series. It makes sense then to bring Betty Ross back into the mix. Comic book fans may be noting that Red Hulk was typically Thaddeus Ross in the comic series. However, Betty Ross did take up her father’s role in the past decade. 

Other Characters Announced for She-Hulk So Far

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Liv Tyler is only our most recent addition to the cast. She-Hulk has been making announcements left and right as the series is expected to begin filming in the next few months. So far, most of the announcements have been fun and surprising for the series. 

Movie budgets are expected to be worlds apart from television series budgets. When Disney+ announced they were bringing new Marvel Cinematic Universe content to their streaming service, fans weren’t sure what to expect. The big stars from the movies weren’t going to be showing up in the television series, right? TV stars and movie stars are typically treated as entirely different animals. 

And yet, the upcoming She-Hulk series has Mark Ruffalo appearing as Bruce Banner. Tim Roth, who played Emil Blonsky/Abomination in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk will be appearing as a series villain. These are big budget moves that make everyone wonder how far they’ll go with the She-Hulk special effects needed to make character Jennifer Walters big and green. 

The Possibilities For Love With Mark Ruffalo’s Character


In The Incredible Hulk and the comic series, Betty Ross is a romantic interest for Bruce Banner. In the Marvel movies so far, we’ve seen Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk have a maybe-sorta thing with Black Widow, but that’s long past. 

Having both Liv Tyler signed on as Betty Ross, and Mark Ruffalo appearing in some episodes, opens the door for their characters to reunite. While Betty Ross will certainly be busy as Red Hulk, it’s hard to imagine the writers won’t take the opportunity to put Betty and Bruce together again. This may be the Bruce and Betty reunion fans would like to see.

What Liv Tyler Has Been Up To Lately

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard something from Liv Tyler. Most of us associate her with Lord of the Rings. Recently, she has starred on Fox’s 9-1-1 Lonestar. She left that show before season 2 due to COVID-19 concerns. The actress was flying from London (where her children live) to Los Angeles for production regularly, which presented too much of a risk. She-Hulk should begin filming in the next few months. There’s no news on whether concerns of the pandemic will affect the likelihood of her taking up the role. 

She-Hulk Filming Soon

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It’s hard to say exactly when we’ll know whether Liv Tyler will be playing Red Hulk or anything else for the series, but it should be soon. While Disney+ isn’t expected to air the new series until 2022, filming starts in the next few months. We’ll be updating you with everything we know along the way.