Lindsay Lohan’s Best Movie Getting A Remake?

Lindsay Lohan is vocally advocating for a Mean Girls remake, with a new cast.

By Mark McKee | Published

Lindsay Lohan is back, and now that she is making her return to Hollywood, the usual questions that she has always faced are coming back. She hasn’t appeared in a film since 2014 and is now slated to make her return, hopefully a triumphant one, in a new holiday film for Netflix titled Falling for Christmas, but that isn’t the project on the minds of her fans, as there is a call for a remake of her most famous role. According to Movie Web, there is a chance that Lindsay Lohan’s Mean Girls will get another run with a new cast. 

According to the interview, Lindsay Lohan reveals she has been advocating for the remake of Mean Girls for a long time and that she feels like a broken record. She continues to say that while her and the fans keep calling for them to remake the film, she also admits that the movie is already perfect and it would be difficult to treat it correctly and not ruin it. There is always room for a remake, and Hollywood never seems to shy away from them, but when it comes to remaking a classic beloved by all, it is always best to tread lightly. 

Lindsay wasn’t the only star that happened to see their career explode thanks to the bullying and all-around dreadful human beings of the popular crowd in Mean Girls. The film also caused the rise of Rachel McAdams when she took on the role of Regina George, who led the mean girls and went on to star in Wedding CrashersThe Notebook, and Dr. Strange. Her angry cohorts were Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith, who went on to star in Mama MiaJennifer’s Body, and In Time, rounded out by the portrayal of Gretchen Wieners by Lacy Chabert, who later went on to star in BratzBaby Daddy, and have a long voice acting career. 

mean girls
A scene from Mean Girls (2004)

Lindsay Lohan saw a lot of success in her early career with The Parent TrapMean GirlsFreaky FridayConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Herbie: Fully Loaded, but then her personal life started to get in her way. Beginning with a driving under the influence charge in 2005, the actress’s struggle with drugs and alcohol sent her to five rehab facilities for 250 days from 2007 to 2011.

She saw the inside of a courtroom 20 times and was sent to jail and also did community service in the morgue. Even though she hasn’t been in a movie for nearly a decade, there is a lot of excitement that the actress will be returning to the screen. 

Lindsay Lohan may never be able to recapture the magic that she had in the early 2000s with Mean Girls, but her return to Netflix in Falling for Christmas signals that she may be ready to turn the page. She has stayed virtually silent and under the radar since her last appearance in The Canyons in 2014. Now with a new film, she looks to be a completely new person, whether she ends up on the set of a Mean Girls remake or not.