Lindsay Lohan’s Stripper Movie Is One Of Netflix’s Most Watched Globally

Lindsay Lohan's psychological thriller I Know Who Killed Me is in the top 10 most-watched movies on Netflix.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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Despite dismal reviews, Lindsay Lohan’s 2007 film I Know Who Killed Me has become a popular watch on Netflix. Recently the film began rising on the charts and is now on the top 10 list for most watched shows on Netflix globally this week. Even though the movie has amassed many negative reviews over the years, it appears fans of the Mean Girls actress are not done with this sexy horror film just yet.

I Know Who Killed Me stars Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey Flemming, a normal high school student whose life is forever altered when she is kidnapped by a sadistic stranger. Aubrey is tortured by the man and, ultimately, left unconscious in a forest where she is found by rescuers. To the surprise of her family, once she comes to at the hospital, Aubrey claims to be somebody else.

Aubrey takes on the alias Dakota Moss, a character she made up for an English assignment. To make things worse, Dakota also claims that the real Aubrey is still in danger. This psychological thriller keeps viewers guessing until the very end.

Despite the suspenseful plot point, thrilling mystery, and Lindsay Lohan stripping for the audience as Dakota Moss, the film has reaped its fair share of negative reviews over the years. Many point to the gratuitous violence and sexuality plastered all over the film as reasons for not enjoying it. Some of the early scenes have been likened to a torture-porn sequence, however, the rest of the film feels uninspired to many.

lindsay lohan

Avid fans of Lindsay Lohan have expressed how the film was a mistake in her acting career, while the star has shown brilliance in other films. She starred in the wildly popular cult classic, Mean Girls, in 2004 as Cady Heron. However, an uninspired script and meandering plot may not be the only reasons the star flopped in I Know Who Killed Me.

Allegedly, Lindsay Lohan was difficult to work with on set. Often times the star would be late to filming and sometimes not show up at all. Eventually, director Chris Sivertson began using a body double for Lohan and digitally replaced the face on days when she didn’t show up.

Lindsay Lohan has talked about her time working on the film. The years surrounding the film were hard ones for the actress, who has struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past. Even though she was one year sober during the film, rehab appointments and constant nightmares made sticking to the film’s schedule a challenge. 

The actress noted how many of the nightmares stemmed from the film. The story followed a brutal kidnapper and involved filming torture scenes. The deeply disturbing movie got into the star’s head at night. 

Whether you love the film or hate it, Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me has been making a resurgence on Netflix over a decade later. For both horror fanatics and Lindsay Lohan fans, the film is a great watch, even if some aspects of the film leave much to be desired. Lately, the thrilling film and its shocking ending are being enjoyed by many on Netflix.