Lindsay Lohan Is Acting Again, Just Got The Lead In A Huge Project

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan might be making a comeback in Hollywood, setting to star in what could be a big Christmas movie on a major streaming platform. Netflix announced today that they’d cast Lohan in the lead of an upcoming rom-com that will come out around the holidays this year. It could be a major step in the actress getting back into the starring game after a few turbulent years in terms of work. 

Netflix announced this news around Lindsay Lohan on their Twitter account after it had been speculated that the actress was circling a new gig for the platform. The premise looks interesting, if not silly, and could put the actress back onto the screen in just the right project. Netflix showing some faith in her at this point and giving her a starring role is a huge vote of confidence after her credited work over the last five years or so has been sparse. Check out what they had to say about this new movie:

They don’t mention it in this tweet, but it’s been reported that the movie will have a Christmas theme to it which makes sense with the ski-accident piece of it at least from a timing perspective. But Lindsay Lohan playing a rich heiress who goes the amnesia route and shacks up with a blue collar lodge owner does have a little of that Overboard feel to it and could be just the right project for the actress on the comedic front. 

No other casting news has been released for this now, untitled Netflix movie, though that is likely to come sooner than later. With a comedy like this, there are quite a few ways to go, though it would stand to reason we get someone who is in clear juxtaposition to the snobby elite Lohan is apparently playing in the movie. From the description and what we know about the actress, this really does seem like a funny path for her to take at this point in her career

Lindsay Lohan

It hasn’t been totally clear what the movie future held for Lindsay Lohan. Her major starring roles have been basically non-existent over the last many years. She starred in Among the Shadows back in 2019, but that film had faced numerous delays over the years and barely registered a blip among the critical crowd. It came out to almost no buzz and disappeared just as quickly. It wasn’t exactly the way to prove she could still carry a feature-length film as the star. 

Other than that, for Lindsay Lohan, it’s been some recurring guest roles and a quick reality show, but that’s about it. This Netflix news represents, easily, the biggest project she’s been associated with for many years. It will be interesting to see how it turns out and if it has the effect of being a launching pad for other starring roles in the future. After becoming a child star early on, it looked like she would be around Hollywood forever. That hasn’t been the case, but this could begin a new stage of her career.