Lil Nas X Wants To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe As A Fan-Favorite Character

By Faith McKay | 8 seconds ago

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Recently, GQ held an event for Spider-Man: No Way Home. The event was attended by Tom Holland, the star of the upcoming movie. Andrew Garfield, who previously played Spider-Man for Sony and is rumored to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, was also in attendance. As photos of the two hugging at the event popped up online, Spider-Man rumors somehow grew even more intense. Then, fans shared a photo of the two Spider-Man actors posing with Lil Nas X. This was innocent enough until the rapper shared the photo with news of his own concerning Miles Morales, the famous Spider-Man character.

You can see Lil Nas X share the photo below.

How serious is Lil Nas X? It’s hard to say. A quick search online for the rapper’s name along with the word “troll” brings up plenty of articles documenting times he’s been accused of trolling. He likes to say things for the sake of stirring up conversation, making it difficult to sometimes know when he’s serious. It seems unlikely that he has actually been cast as Miles Morales. It does seem likely that if Marvel called to ask him about the role, he would be interested. The young musician has shown an interest in breaking into acting in the past.

Fans of Lil Nas X wasted no time in creating Miles Morales fanart with the entertainer suited up for the Marvel role.

As for a live-action Miles Morales, rumors often come up about actors taking on the character. Tom Holland recently brought that up again, when he did an interview saying that it was possibly time for him to move on from Spider-Man. He specifically said, “Maybe what’s best for Spider-Man is that they do a Miles Morales film.” After that interview, the comment from Lil Nas X couldn’t have come at a more fitting time. The character first appeared in Marvel comics in 2011, but became more well known with the release of Sony’s animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. A sequel to that movie is currently in the works.

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Fans clearly want to see Miles Morales in a live-action film. It’s unknown how many obstacles may have to be overcome to make that happen. Disney-owned Marvel Studios and Sony have to work out a lot of agreements over characters in Spider-Man’s universe. If Lil Nas X does land the role someday, he’ll likely be playing him in a Sony film.

Previously, the rapper faced a lawsuit from Nike over his “Satan shoes”, which went viral online. For a while, his name became well-known for the shoe scandal, and his name was in headlines for little else. While that attention didn’t seem to bother the star, things seem to be going better for him now. The Nike lawsuit is now over. Currently, Lil Nas X is at a high point in his career. Variety recently announced that they will be honoring his musical career so far at their Hitmakers event. He’s attending events, hugging famous actors, and stirring up rumors about his possible future at Marvel. Whether Lil Nas X ever lands a chance at playing Miles Morales remains to be seen, but his career is definitely going well either way.