Exclusive: Liar Liar 2 With Jim Carrey In Development, Original Cast Members Being Sought

Liar Liar 2 is in the works with Jim Carrey already committed.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

liar liar 2 jim carrey

Liar Liar 2 is in development from Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and Jim Carrey is on board. According to our trusted and proven sources, the sequel to the 1997 fantasy comedy film, in which a lawyer is cursed to be unable to lie due to the power of a child’s birthday wish, is also trying to get back as many of the original cast as possible. That in itself is interesting, considering that while Liar Liar does have a solid supporting cast, it is pretty much focused entirely on Carrey’s antics rather than the ensemble cast.

The first Liar Liar movie was written by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur and was originally intended as a vehicle for Steve Martin, with Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers being considered before landing on Jim Carrey. Interestingly, Myers turned down the role to star in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, while Carrey turned down starring as Doctor Evil in the same movie to do Liar Liar. 

However, the movie did end up co-starring Cary Elwes (of Saw and The Princess Bride), Maura Tierney (of NewsRadio and the upcoming Zac Efron wrestling biopic The Iron Claw), Jennifer Tilly (of Family Guy and the Child’s Play franchise), among many others. Obviously, this is a talented cast to potentially bring back for Liar Liar 2 with Jim Carrey, but it is unclear whether it would simply be fan service or for the plot.

That said, it will also be interesting to see what the plot of Liar Liar 2 would be, considering the strength of the original was the simple hook of Jim Carrey not being able to tell lies, after a lifetime of enjoying being able to. The fun of the original film is seeing the smug lawyer played by Carrey get his comeuppance by involuntarily telling the truth to the people he usually lies to and the physical comedy he puts himself through to demonstrate how hard he’s trying to say words that are different from how things are.

liar liar 2 jim carrey

As such, it is difficult to think how Liar Liar 2 could have a different plot, but hopefully, Jim Carrey has something up his sleeve. Perhaps his son (Justin Cooper) who originally wished for him not to be able to lie now has become a teller of fibs and must deal with the same problem, with Carrey there as a guide? Or perhaps since he learned his lesson in the first movie, Carrey has sworn off lies but now must tell one in order to stave off some disaster. We shall have to wait and see.

It is not surprising Liar Liar 2 is in production with Jim Carrey, considering the first movie grossed a staggering $302 million (in 1997 dollars, no less) against a $45 million budget. Carrey has also been on a streak of sequels as of late, with Dumb and Dumber 3, The Grinch 2, and maybe even Bruce Almighty 2/Brucifier in the works, not even counting the Sonic the Hedgehog movies.