See Liam Hemsworth Take Over For Jason Momoa As Aquaman

Fan art of Liam Hemsworth as Aquaman looks incredible and may become real after Jason Momoa leaves the role following his second solo film.

By Danyell Marshall | Updated

Fans of the DC Universe took to Instagram with some dashing Liam Hemsworth as Aquaman fan art. The post features the armor and trident made famous by Jason Momoa, but with the Hunger Games star’s face instead. The position is a timely nod to the recasting decisions made by new DC Studio co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

James Gunn and Peter Safran have been establishing where they intend to take the company and DC properties over the next 10 years. This includes recasting several beloved characters, maybe Liam Hemsworth as Aquaman, but defintely including Henry Cavill’s Superman. Gunn has made it clear that Superman is his highest priority for now and announced where he intends to move the property.

James Gunn wants audiences to get a deeper look into the origins of Clark Kent. His vision for the next chapter in the franchise includes a younger actor portraying the Man of Steel. The change isn’t the only one slated for beloved characters and brands.

Wonder Woman 3 was slated to be released in December of 2023, but the project was shelved. Following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, executives told director Patty Jenkins that the film no longer fit with the company’s direction. Additionally, Gal Gadot’s role within the DC Universe is up in the air, with no plans for a reprisal of her rendition of Wonder Woman.

With two beloved characters being shaken up, it’s no wonder fans are speculating about a Liam Hemsworth Aquaman, especially as rumors of a Justice League reboot have begun to surface. In addition, Jason Momoa’s most recent career moves have fueled speculation.

Momoa will end his role as Arthur Curry after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, leaving the part ripe for the picking. After the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, Momoa announced he’d finally be able to work on a project he’d always dreamed of. So naturally, fans wondered if this meant he’d be taking on the DC Universe role of Lobo.

hunger games mockingjay
Liam Hemsworth in Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The tribute to a Liam Hemsworth Aquaman could foretell a possible outcome of this convergence of events. The actor has proven he’s not afraid to take over a beloved character from another actor. Of course, assuming a role fans care deeply about is intimidating, but after taking over as Geralt of Rivia for Henry Cavill in the Netflix hit series The Witcher, taking on Aquaman should be a breeze.

One thing is for sure; a Liam Hemsworth Aquaman would be reminiscent of the 1990s comic book character. Hemsworth has the blonde hair and angular features the aquatic character has donned before. Additionally, the fan art of Hemsworth in the Aquaman armor may give Tim Gunn subconscious inspiration should he scroll by it on Instagram.

Changes to the DC Universe are drumming up a lot of conversation online. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see how the new direction of their favorite properties turns out, which may make a Liam Hemsworth Aquaman film a reality. The effects of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger will be felt for years to come as fans adapt to new timelines, subplots, and versions of old familiar characters.