Liam Hemsworth To Take Over As The New Green Arrow?

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

liam hemsworth

For years, Stephen Amell successfully played Green Arrow for the CW. It spawned what fans refer to as the Arrowverse on the network and has overall been a success for DC. While the character was having a strong moment on television, it was assumed that studios didn’t want to confuse audiences by having a Green Arrow in the DC Cinematic Universe. Now, it finally seems like that is about to change. Could Liam Hemsworth be taking on the role?

While there have been rumors for a while that DC was looking to bring Green Arrow to the big screen, all we’ve had up to this point has mostly been fan speculation. After all, it makes sense. The character is popular. He’s no longer on screen for the CW. It’s time. Right? An Arrow movie just makes sense, one way or another. Well, according to sources for We Got This Covered, the time has come. While concrete casting decisions have yet to be made, Liam Hemsworth is currently a frontrunner for the part. 

The actor hasn’t said anything about these rumors. Previously, the Hemsworth brother hit it big with his role as Gale in The Hunger Games. Since those ended, he’s been in movies like Isn’t It Romantic on Netflix, but currently doesn’t have much on his schedule. Most of the news about Liam Hemsworth as of late has surrounded his personal life. His divorce from actress and singer Miley Cyrus was highly publicized. Is it time for him to get back on screen with DC?

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Green Arrow as a character has been around in DC Comics since 1941. We haven’t really had a big movie hit for the role yet. While superheroes are often played by unknown names, it seems like a little star power couldn’t hurt to get a new movie off the ground. While Liam Hemsworth is the new frontrunner according to their sources, other names have been speculated by fans over the years. Charlie Hunnam is a popular fan pick for the role. The actor is most well known for his time on the FX series Sons of Anarchy. He’s also been in Pacific Rim and King Arthur. His name has come up a few times over the years, sparking some amazing fanart from artist Saarukan Suhanthan.

Right now, there are a lot of new movies coming to the DC Extended Universe. We know that we’ll soon see Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Theatrical releases for The Flash and Aquaman 2 are highly anticipated. Dwayne Johnson absolutely cannot wait for us to finally see him as the antihero Black Adam. At this point, a movie for Green Arrow is still all just talk. That’s how development happens, but it means we don’t have anything for timelines or how this will work out. If Liam Hemsworth decides to sign on, it’ll be a few years before we see him in a DC film.

Still, the idea of Liam Hemsworth being part of the DC Extended Universe has a certain charm to it. His brother, Chris Hemsworth, is most famous as Marvel’s Thor. In fact, Chris once told an interviewer that he almost lost the part of Thor to his younger brother, Liam Hemsworth. Is this the perfect opportunity for a bit of fun sibling rivalry? If nothing else, that sounds like more motivation for Liam Hemsworth to pursue the part a little harder.