See Leslie Grace Bloodied In Latest Batgirl Shots

By Nathan Kamal | 4 months ago

leslie grace batgirl

We have just gotten some of our best looks at the new Batgirl in uniform. Via @BatgirlFilm on Twitter, new images of Leslie Grace as Batgirl have been released. While we had already seen the long red hair that is an iconic part of the character, these shots have a clearer view of the golden bat symbol and the combat-ready look of the costume.

And it is a good thing too, as these photos of Leslie Grace as Batgirl seem to have her worse for the wear in some kind of battle. Her mouth is bloodied and she looks dirty, but she’s still fierce and ready for a fight. After all, she is a superhero. See the images here:

More and more details of the upcoming Batgirl movie have been trickling out in recent weeks. It was already announced that the film would star singer/songwriter/actress Leslie Grace as the titular Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon. Reportedly, it will release on HBO Max streaming sometime in 2022, although Warner Bros has been vague so far on a specific date. The exact plot of the film is still unknown, but there have been hints as to the possible involvement of the Batman enemy, the Council of Owls.

Of course with the addition of Leslie Grace as Batgirl, the DCEU already has a full slate for 2022. After numerous delays and issues, The Flash film is set to be theatrically released. So is the Aquaman sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, once again directed by horror maestro James Wan. Finally, the Shazam-adjacent movie Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson as the longtime nemesis of Zachary Levi’s character. 

Batgirl has at least one nemesis lined up for Barbara Gordon, even if The Council of Owls is just an Easter Egg or teaser. Brendan Fraser has been cast as the arsonist supervillain Firefly and has begun filming. You can see the first looks at the character here. The film will also see Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary return from the 2020 Birds of Prey film, though it is unknown if there will be any cameos from Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn or Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress.

leslie grace batgirl

Most excitingly of all, it has been confirmed that Michael Keaton will be joining Leslie Grace, appearing as Batman in the new Batgirl film. This will be one of at least two appearances he will have in 2022, including The Flash movie. No word if anyone asked Ben Affleck to show up. 

This will only be Leslie Grace’s second film. She starred last year in John M. Chu’s film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical In The Heights, which also streamed on HBO Max. While that movie received mixed reviews and was a prime example of studios being unsure how to premiere films in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Leslie Grace’s Nina Rosario was well received. She also had a successful musical career before acting, releasing two albums. It is impressive that Leslie Grace will be introducing Batgirl, an iconic DC character in only her second performance. Fortunately, she has a great supporting cast to help. And of course, a pretty great costume.