Lena Dunham Is Back And You Won’t Believe What She’s Doing Now

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

lena dunham

Lena Dunham is a celebrated writer who has worked on the famous HBO series, Girls. She has also produced and acted in many features, essentially making her one of the most well-rounded filmmakers in the business. Now she is back with another new film that is certainly in a much different direction than her more recent ventures. Dunham has written and directed a coming-of-age comedy that is based on the middle ages, called Catherine Called Birdy. The film is set for a theatrical release but will also be coming to Amazon Prime Video. You can see the trailer for the new film below:

The film is called Catherine Called Birdy and stars Bella Ramsey. For those who don’t immediately recognize Ramsey, she held a strong recurring role on Games of Thrones as the young ruler, Lyanna Mormont. Though most actors don’t typically like the type-casted features they are placed in, Ramsey does quite well when appearing in medieval-based subjects. However, whereas she had to be a brutal and young ruler in Game of Thrones, she is quite the opposite in the above trailer. Birdy seems to be a carefree girl who just wants to spend her time being a young woman. Good casting choice by Lena Dunham.

Catherine Called Birdy is based on a book of the same name that was written by Karen Cushman, with the script being written by Lena Dunham. The story follows Birdy, who is the daughter of a landowner, Lord Rollo. Rollo wants his daughter to be paired with a sophisticated ruler so that she may gain more status based on her marriage. However, her mother wants her to become docile and accomplished. Birdy is a spirited girl who sees herself as being independent and does see the need or point of finding a suitor, especially at age 14. However, her father is hellbent on fixing their monetary woes, so he finds the worst suitor to marry off his daughter. Now Birdy’s parents must choose to back their daughter or the obligation of marrying for money and status.

This Lena Dunham film will see a theatrical release on September 23rd, and then it is to be released on Amazon Prime Video on October 7th. The film also stars Andrew Scott, Joe Alwyn, and Isis Hainsworth. It has the makings of Aladdin, with the suitor business being at the forefront of the plot, but with a far more humorous twist. The trailer alone shows off some hilarious dialogue, including a dead tiger arriving at Lord Rollo’s manor, to which plenty of suggestions to revive the best are thrown out. Also, Birdy comments on the fact that her father is terrible with a sword, and her eavesdropping on more adult subjects. It looks like it could be quite hilarious.

Catherine Called Birdy will be out on October 7th on Amazon Prime, for those who do not wish to see this film in theaters. The usual case when a film has a theatrical release before heading so quickly to a streaming platform is that they are often limited theater releases. That might be the case when the film debuts on September 23rd. This new Lena Dunham movie looks like it could be one of her best.