Legend of Zelda Netflix Series Cancelled And It’s The Internet’s Fault

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

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The Legend of Zelda was all set to become a major series for streaming giant Netflix. Nintendo had plans to make shows based around both that property and Star Fox but it seems that they decided to pull the plug on both projects. Why exactly did the gaming company get cold feet with these adaptations? Well, if a new report from a prominent entertainment figure is true, it is all because of the internet.

Adam Conover, best known for his television series Adam Ruins Everything and his involvement with CollegeHumor, was recently on a podcast hosted by The Serfs Times where he revealed what happened with both The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox adaptations. According to Conover, CollegeHumor “had a secret project where we were gonna make a claymation version of Star Fox with Nintendo.” Unfortunately, Nintendo decided to pull the plug on all the adaptation projects they had in development. Why? Apparently, because somebody at Nintendo leaked the plans to the internet and Nintendo got nervous. So, they scrapped both adaptations.

That is a shame to hear since The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox both seem like properties that could flourish in the realm of cinema. We have heard reports that Nintendo wants to make a film based on the best-selling fantasy game series, so it is possible some of the work that was going to be done on the Netflix series could find its way into an eventual feature film. There is also the matter of how quickly Nintendo even wants to make an adaptation of the game. They have been notoriously skittish with feature film adaptations of their properties ever since the legendary failure of Super Mario Bros. back in 1993. There is no doubt that they want to ensure they make the best Legend of Zelda adaptation they possibly can.

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Maybe they will feel more confident after the new Mario movie releases in 2022. We have not heard any more significant updates regarding that project, but we are willing to bet that Nintendo is playing their cards close to their chest. They need their flagship character to anchor a successful movie before diving into the well with other properties like The Legend of Zelda. If the new Mario movie is a success with both audiences and critics, you can bet Nintendo will want to keep that train rolling and Zelda would be their next property to bring to the screen.

It is a shame that we will never get to see what could have happened if Netflix was able to make a Legend of Zelda series. The streaming service has proven they have got what it takes when it comes to giving productions ample amounts of money to bring a show to life. Just look at The Witcher for proof of that. Hopefully, fans will get to see the property brought to life outside of video games. If Nintendo can just find a take they feel confident in, we could get something really special. Until then, we will simply have to wait for some truly landmark news about a future adaptation.