Fans Have Chosen The Video Game Adaptation They Want To See Most

By Douglas Helm | 3 months ago

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Video game adaptations are pretty hit-and-miss for Hollywood. Well, actually, they’re mostly misses. But the tide is definitely turning, considering there have been some pretty decent video game adaptations in recent years. Sonic the Hedgehog was fun, despite that first trailer. Uncharted with Tom Holland isn’t mind-blowing by any metric, but it’s a pretty decent movie overall. And the League of Legends-based Arcane was amazing. With the renewed confidence in video game movies, FandomSpot decided to hold a poll asking fans what adaptation they’d like the see next. And their top pick was, unsurprisingly, a movie based on The Legend of Zelda franchise.

This pick definitely makes sense. For one, almost everyone who loves video games has played at least one entry from the series in their life. Also, even people who don’t play games have probably at least heard of the games. It would be a safe bet for studios because they already have a built-in audience from both dedicated fans and casual observers. The Legend of Zelda games also have a setting and story ripe for the big screen. The fantasy world has plenty of colorful characters and races, like the Gorons and the Zoras. It also has an intimidating antagonist with the evil Ganondorf.

Then, of course, you have The Legend of Zelda protagonist Link and the titular princess Zelda rounding out the characters. The biggest challenge would probably be casting Link. For one, he’s a silent protagonist, save for the occasional shout. If they wanted to remain true to the games, Link would have to have no dialogue. Still, there’s probably someone who could make it work.

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If movie studios aren’t up to adapting The Legend of Zelda series, the poll revealed some other good picks from fans. The second-place spot went to the Grand Theft Auto series. Admittedly, this series would probably be a lot easier to adapt than The Legend of Zelda. The Grand Theft Auto series features gangsters, heists, car chases, shootouts, and much more. All of these would fit right into the typical move formula. The one thing they’d have to nail is creating some great characters as the protagonists.

Third place went to Horizon: Zero Dawn. In my opinion, this would be the best combination of something that you could adapt and make extremely interesting. The story is a great mix of mystery and sci-fi in a unique setting, and the protagonist Aloy is a deep and well-fleshed-out character. A movie based on The Legend of Zelda franchise would be awesome, but there are a lot of ways it could go wrong, especially with the aforementioned problem of casting and writing the role of Link.

The list is rounded out by games like God of War, Hollow Knight, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, Fallout, Super Mario, and Red Dead Redemption. Fans are in luck with a few of those, as there is already a Fallout series in the works and there’s also the animated Mario movie coming out with the most random cast list of all time. For now, fans of The Legend of Zelda will just have to wait. At least they have Breath of the Wild 2 to look forward to.